Shopping in New York City

December 4, 2012


Over the weekend I went shopping in an area in New York City called Chelsea.  There is a place to shop that is called Chelsea Market and it is located on 16th Street and 9th Avenue.  It is one large place that contains many stores inside.  It is a wonderful place to visit!  They have all specialty stores inside with restaurants, and stores that sell clothes and food.  It can get very crowded, but it is a great place to shop for Christmas.

One of the stores that I visited was the Anthropologie Store.  Inside the store it has clothes, jewelry, a cooking section and all kinds of knick-knacks.  When I was browsing inside the store one section I noticed had scarves.  The scarves were labeled hand made and were very expensive.  I took a picture of some of the scarves and said to myself well I could make one of the them and not spend as much money to make it. That is going to be one of my goals, to try and make one that looks similar to the one I saw in the store. I also saw these ornaments that were letters of the alphabet that could be given to someone to be used as their initial.  These were also made with yarn and looked really cute.  I love anything that is made homemade for the holidays.  Here are some pictures of what I found when I was shopping.

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