Almost Ready for the Holidays

December 13, 2012

Everyone should be almost finished by now with all of their knitting and crochet projects that they have been working on for people for the holidays and Christmas.  If you are giving a handmade gift for someone then it should have a little note attached saying that it was handmade by you.

By now everyone should have their Christmas cards finished and ready to be sent out.  The presents should be almost bought or made and you should start wrapping presents now.  You can get very creative with wrapping presents and using ribbons and bows.  If you don't like wrapping presents the easiest way to have a present wrapped is to put it in a gift bag using pretty tissue paper and ribbon on the top of the bag.  They are fast and easy to use and I sometimes like to use them for a small present so that it won't get lost and it looks fancy.

A lot of people are baking cookies and cakes now and there are so many different cookie recipes online that you can get and make.  The best part about making holiday cookies is decorating them and then putting them into pretty tins or containers themed for Christmas.

This is a very busy time of year for many people but it is also a fun time for little children and also getting together with friends and family that you haven't see in a while.

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