Monthly Musings - February

February 23, 2023



I'm joining Holly and Patty for their Monthly Musings.  This month's topic is Warm Weather Destinations/Winter Travel Tips.


1.  FAVORITE WARM WEATHER DESTINATIONS?  I love going to the Bahamas for a quick getaway vacation.  We like staying at the Atlantis and staying in a room at The Reef.

2.  PACKING CUBES:  YES OR NO?  I like using the Shacke Pak packing cubes I bought many years ago on Amazon.  They keep all of my clothes organized in my suitcase.

3.  FAVORITE CARRY ON?  I usually use a backpack or my Longchamp bag for all of the items I will need on the plane.  

4.  ESSENTIAL ITEMS IN YOUR SUITCASE?  I usually make a list of all of the items I will need for my trip.  I have my clothes, shoes, sneakers, sandals, toiletries, handbags, beach bag, hat, laundry bag, sunscreen, medication, jewelry, etc.  

5.  EXCURSIONS?  YES OR NO?  SHARE YOUR FAVORITES.  We love taking short trips to the Jersey Shore and our local beaches.  One of our favorite places we love going to is Long Beach Island in New Jersey.  The beach is beautiful and not crowded with a lot of people.  We like going in August when the water is warm.

6.  MOST RANDOM ITEMS YOU ALWAYS PACK?  I like packing wet wipes, a portable charger, and small scissors.  If I don't have a lot of space in my suitcase for a beach bag, I like using a reusable shopping bag.  Ziploc freezer bags are great for wet bathing suits, and leftover snacks.

7.  DO YOU USE A TRAVEL AGENT?  No.  We make all of our travel arrangements ourselves.

8.  FAVORITE SUNSCREEN?  I using Neutrogena and Alba.  I usually buy them at Costco.

9.  FAVORITE FLIP FLOPS OR SANDALS?  When I go away I like to wear both flip-flops and sandals.  I wear flip-flops if I am going to the pool or the beach.  I will wear casual sandals like Birkenstocks for going to breakfast and lunch.  I will wear dressier sandals for going out to dinner.

10.  FAVORITE SWIMSUIT?  I love wearing a tankini swimsuit to the beach.  I usually buy mine from LL Bean or Lands End.

After writing this blog post it makes me want to take a warm weather destination trip, or for summer to be here.
What is your favorite warm weather destination?


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  1. Oh we love the Bahamas too and we stayed at Atlantis one time we were there- it is the most beautiful water right? :)

  2. Ziploc bags is a good item to take on a trip! I have done that just a few times, but need to remember that more. I still get the LL Bean and Lands End catalogs each year for swimsuit season. They are classics for sure!

  3. This makes me want to go on a warm weather vacation too! You have some great travel and packing tips. I love my packing cubes!

  4. Well, now I'm craving a warm getaway!! Or summer!!

  5. When we went to the Bahamas they had just finished building the Atlantis resort and the minute we saw it from the cruise ship balcony I told my husband I wanted to go there one day-- we still have not yet made it there! It looks wonderful though.

  6. I have never been to the Bahamas before, but want to try it sometime. It is more of a trek for us to get there, so Mexico is usually our beach choice...only 2 hours away! Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Oh, now I am going to cruise the LL Bean site for swimsuits. I'm getting so many great ideas from this link up!

  8. Ohhhhh I want to go to the Bahamas. We have not been there in years. Hugs. Kris

  9. I would love to be planning a trip but I'm glad we live close to places we can enjoy as day trips. You have some good tips on things to pack!

  10. I enjoyed your travel insights and tips! We always go to Texas in March to visit our family there, it is nice, because it is still wintertime here where I live. We stay with family, so that makes it nice. My brother has a huge swimming pool and hot tub that we like to enjoy. It is a great getaway for us in the spring, not to mention the Texas bluebonnets are out then too, and it is just so magificent to see them! I hope you get to enjoy a beach getaway soon. Blessings to you!

  11. What a fun post! We don't travel to particularly warm places - but heading on a cruise to Greece soon. I always use packing cubes - so easy to unpack and find your stuff. We always use a travel agent to get "on board" credit for extra excursions, drinks, and ahhhh, a massage! I love Vionic flip flops...
    Hope you get away to a warm place very soon !

  12. Fun post, Julie! I think my favorite warm getaway would be Anguilla. And a huge YES to packing cubes! They save so much space when packing, and keep things organized!

  13. Now I want to take a beach vacation, Julie! Thanks for all your tips. I never knew about packing cubes. Happy March!


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