This or That - Thanksgiving

November 22, 2021

Hello blog friends.  Are you almost ready for Thanksgiving?

I thought it'd be fun to do a This or That Thanksgiving since it's a few days away.

I've circled my answers seen below.

1.  Turkey or Ham - It would have to be turkey out of tradition.

2.  Lunch or Dinner - We've always done Thanksgiving dinner.

3.  Stuffing or Dressing - We LOVE stuffing in our house.

4.  Dress Up or Dress Down - It's always been dress up for us or dressy casual.

5.  Mash Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes - We love mashed potatoes in my house but my sister-in-law makes the best sweet potato pie.

6.  Football or Movies - My husband loves to watch football on Thanksgiving.  I enjoy watching movies later in the evening if we are home.

7.  Black Friday or Cyber Monday - I like the Black Friday sales. 

8.  Pumpkin Pie or Pecan Pie - Our family LOVES Pumpkin Pie.

You can play along and leave your answers in the comment section.

What will you pick?

Wishing everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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  1. Turkey, Dinner, Stuffing, Dress Up (but casually), Sweet Potatoes, Football, Cyber Monday, and how about a pumpkin pecan pie combo?? I love both! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. We have had BIG Thanksgiving dinners in the past and really enjoyed them but this year, it will be quiet. We'll have smoked turkey from Sonny's BBQ and watch football and relax! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Traditional Turkey, mash potatoes, dressing and football for the guys. We are casual dressers you have to be comfy to eat all that food lol! Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving. xoxo Kris

  4. Definitely turkey, we eat mid- afternoon so sometime between lunch and dinner (though we treat it like lunch and eat our dessert at dinner time), bread stuffing, mashed potatoes, neither black Friday nor cyber Monday for me, we just dress regular, and watch movies, and I am a pecan or apple pie girl (though I like my chocolate chip pecan pie recipe for that added kick of chocolate).

  5. This is fun Julie!
    3)Dressing but we call it stuffing even if we don't stuff it in a bird!
    4)Dress up but comfy
    5) Mashed
    7)Cyber Monday
    8) I like pumpkin desserts but not necessarily pumpkin pie

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  6. My answers are the same as yours, Julie, except for Black Friday. I worked retail for too many years to ever want to step inside a store on that day again! Also, we have Thanksgiving dinner, but it's dinner served somewhere around 3 or 4pm. So late lunch? Early dinner? Either way, Happy Thanksgiving!!

  7. Hi Julie!
    It’s Turkey, mid afternoon, stuffing, casual, mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes, football, probably cyber Monday, and pumpkin and pecan pie!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  8. What fun, Julie ! For us it is turkey ( though this year it is a small turkey breast!), stuffing, sweet potatoes, movies, dinner at 6, and pumpkin pie. Not sure when to shop...not too much to shop but used to LOVE to get out early on Black Friday! Happy Thanksgiving !

  9. Turkey, lunch, stuffing, dress down, mashed, ~~football~~, black Friday and pumpkin pie please:@) Happy Thanksgiving Julie-enjoy!

  10. This is so fun! I have to have my mamas turkey and stuffing! We eat about 1 o’clock and then we will have leftovers in the evening and the next day. Can you believe I don’t like pumpkin pie but I like pumpkin everything else? Have the Most wonderful Thanksgiving my beautiful friend!!

  11. Happy Thanksgiving, Julie! I can relate with your answers.

  12. We don't do thanksgiving but we do have a big family meal for Christmas day, which we always dress up for and it's usually just after lunch time, after we have opened all the presents, haha! :) Interesting to read all your answers :)

    Hope that you are having a great weekend :) I had a long but fun day at the shops yesterday, finishing my Christmas shopping.


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