Gel Polish Update and More

November 9, 2021

If you all remember I did a Friday Favorites blog post last week mentioning the nail polish I bought at Costco.  I thought it was a great buy for three nail polishes for only $19.99.    

If you don't belong to Costco or can't get there then they sell this nail polish at Ulta, Target, and Amazon.

I did this manicure on Wednesday afternoon and it was so easy.  There are only two steps.  I will see how my nails hold up for a gel nail polish look. 

Step One:  Add nail polish 
Step Two:  Add on the clear topcoat

  • Chip and fade resistant
  • No base coat or UV lamp needed
  • Removes like regular polish
  • Vegan formula



MANICURE RESULTS:  I'm very happy with the Essie Gel Couture manicure after five days.  There was just a little bit of chipping on my nails.  I usually have a lot of chipping by the fifth day of an at-home manicure.  I liked that this manicure had the look of a gel manicure without using any UV lamp and you also do not have to put on a base coat of polish.  I would definitely recommend this nail polish.  

It would make a great Christmas gift for the person that likes doing at-home manicures. 

If you love watching Christmas movies as I do, here is a schedule of movies to get you in the holiday spirit. 


We all have trouble figuring out what to buy for friends and family for the holidays.   I've started my shopping and here are some gift guides that might be helpful with your gift list.  

Andrea from Living on Cloud Nine has the best gift guides.  If you need some inspiration please visit her gift guide for what she wants here.  You can't go wrong with perfume, a Sephora gift card, or the FitBit for the person that loves exercising.

Katie from Preppy Empty Nester does a wonderful job with all of her gift guides.  You can visit her personalized gift ideas here.

You can visit Lindsay's Sweet World for her Holiday Ladies Gift Guide here.


If you like gifting Advent Calendars then you can visit Tanya's blog for a huge selection.  On Monday's Tanya will also be sharing her gift guides for the holidays.


If you love holiday baking ideas and recipes, then visit Kitty's Kozy Kitchen.  You will love all of her easy and delicious-looking recipes.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

Click HERE to see the blog parties I will be linking up to.



  1. I've never tried nails like this so it's interesting to me. Love the movie guides too. Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Diane

  2. I'm going to look for this at Costco. Amazing! Thank you for all of the gift guides. I've done a little shopping but kicking it up this week!

  3. Thanks for the movie listings, Julie! I've been watching a few, but I've been catching them randomly. Now I can plan!! Have a great week!

  4. Thank you so much for the "shout out!" I ordered some of the Essie gel and am waiting for it to arrive. Can't wait to try it!

  5. Glad you got such good results in the home manicure nail polish. I love the Christmas movies during the holidays. It is coming fast. Happy New Week Julie. Enjoy. xoxo

  6. Your nails look fabulous, Julie! Great to know they sell this at Costco and Target. I rarely do my nails anymore since I use all kinds of glues these days and removing glues and nail polish just don't mix! But when I do, I want something that will last and compliment my aging skin, lol! Thanks for sharing! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing the movie guides....nothing like this time of the year to enjoy a cozy night watching a great movie! Your manicure looks great - glad you are enjoying the Essie. I used that in the past and it worked great, but I did not like not using a base coat. I have system I found on another blog using Gelous and Seche Vite Gel top coat - and it works for me. Lasts at least a week...and if I touch up - two !

  8. I have never tried gel polish but it was always because of the UV lamp needed; this looks like a product I should definitely try. I love Andrea, Lindsay's, and Katie's gift lists too (mostly for ideas for me though!).

  9. Your nails and you are amazing my dear friend! Thank you so much for including one of my gift guides, such a sweet supporter! Hope you’ve had a great day!

  10. I will give this polish a try, my nail color always chip so easily! I love Christmas movies, I'm always tuned into Hallmark when I'm home! I need to check out Lifetime, thanks Julie!

  11. Thank you for the great review on the gel nail polish, Julie. I might try it! Usually my nails chip so easily, but this sounds pretty good. Thanks for mentioning my blog for baking. That was very sweet of you! Hope you’re having a good week!

  12. The gel polish looks great on you and it's nice you don't need any special lamps or steps to remove - the few times my sister has done gel polish for me it's a bit of a pain with all the lamps, haha! :)

    Thanks for sharing the gift guides too! I have a couple people still to buy for but otherwise I'm done Christmas shopping - I start in June, so I then just spend November/December with my eyes open in case I see any little extra things to add for the gifts!

    Hope that you are having a good week :)

  13. So pretty! I need to pay more attention to my nails!

  14. I've been using that polish for a few years. It is easy, and it does last a litter longer than regular polish, but I'm very hard on my nails so it doesn't hold up like a gel mani would. However, I still use it weekly, as I don't want to go back to the gels. Going to check out some of those gift guides.


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