Let's Eat Korean Food

July 12, 2021

Hello blog friends.  I have another restaurant review to share.

We met up with friends back in May for dinner in the city.  We decided we wanted to eat Korean food.  We met our friends in Koreatown at a restaurant called Samwon Garden Korean BBQ.

We met our friends outside of the restaurant.  You can see how pretty they decorated the restaurant with different colored faux plants and flowers.  We saw a cow greeting people that walked past the restaurant.

You can see below the menu but we had the dinner menu.

I enjoyed for the first time a Korean beer called Kloud.  

We ordered and shared a lot of meat that was cooked on the grill in front of us.  We also had a lot of little sides to share of salads, cucumbers, kimchi, and peppers.

You can see the meat sizzling away.

You can see below the big cuts of beef on the grill.  

We all enjoyed the fried wontons.

I loved the seafood pancake.  We also had cold noodle soup which was delicious tasting.  (I forgot to take a photo of the soup).

Our friend ordered this cool-looking drink with light-up ice cubes.

I love how they decorated this area with flowers and white lights.

We had a fun time eating Korean food with our friends.  Have you ever had Korean food?  Have you been to any fun restaurants lately?

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  1. Wow Julie how fun is this place to have a meal. Everything you shared sounds so yummy and looks so good. What a great time to share with good friends. Happy New Week. xoxo Kris

  2. Julie, this restaurant looks beautiful, and that seafood pancake has my mouth watering! I have to put it on my list of places to try!

  3. How fun this restaurant is and so beautiful as well. I have never eaten Korean food. It would be so fun to eat at this restaurant. The food looks delicious.happy week ahead. Xo

  4. That looks like a beautiful restaurant and all of the food looks so yummy!! Thank you for sharing!

  5. What a great dinner party you had! Thank you for sharing the photos! Would love to try those fried wontons!

  6. That looks like such a nice restaurant and the food looks so good! I don't think I have ever had Korean food before; I don't know of any near us.

  7. You and your hubby enjoy so many different restaurants, Julie. I love the decor snd the cooking at the table. No, I’ve never been to a Korean restaurant, but it looks amazing.

  8. What a fun evening, and wow, very cool restaurant! I had lunch with friends at a new Italian restaurant and they had the most delicious fried zucchini chips, I am going to try and recreate them, they were so good!

  9. Fried wontons for me please! I haven't had a full on Korean food but a bit here and there, more fusion. I should try some time. I do like the grill it yourself style of restaurant. Thank you for sharing your experience and pretty pictures, Julie.

  10. Sounds fun and delicious! Love the decorations of the restaurant!

  11. What a lovely place to eat. I really like restaurants where you have some interaction, like the way the meat is cooked in front of you, it adds to the experience doesn't it?

  12. Hi Julie! Only Texas Roadhouse, with my mother-in-law, SIL and her son when they were here in late June. We do a lot of take-out, though. I USED to eat a lot of Korean food when I was growing up on Oahu back in the early 1970's ~ good food!!! Your trip to this restaurant looks like it was a lot of fun. So pretty and everything looks delicious!!!

    Happy to have featured your post at last week's Share Your Style #311 for you. <3 Happy wishes for a great week this week for you.

    Barb :)


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