Ice Cream - This or That

July 1, 2021

Hello blog friends and happy July!  

I thought it would be fun to do an Ice Cream - This or That 
since July is national ice cream month.

I've circled my answers seen below.

1.  Fruity or Chocolate - I like ice cream with chocolate sprinkles or chocolate chips.

2.  Cone or Cup - I love an ice cream cone.  My favorite is mint chocolate chip.

3.  Sprinkles or Syrup - I love sprinkles on my ice cream.

4.  Toppings or Mix-Ins - Toppings!  Like I said I like sprinkles.

5.  Nuts or Fruits - I like chopped up nuts on top of my ice cream.

6.  With Pie or With Waffles - I love ice cream on top or on the side of pie.

7.  Popsicle or Sandwich - I love an ice cream sandwich.

8.  Milkshake or Float - I like an ice cream float.

You can play along and leave your answers in the comment section.  
What will you pick?

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  1. This is making me hungry!
    My answers are:
    Chocolate/Cone/Sprinkles/Toppings/Neither/Brownies(though that wasn't a choice)/Sandwich/Milkshake

  2. Definitely chocolate (the more the better!)/ cone/ sprinkles versus syrup depends on my mood as I do love a good hot fudge sundae now and then/ mix- ins! (I love LOTS of chunks and swirls of flavors in my ice cream)/ neither nuts nor fruits/ with pie (though I prefer Heather's write in of brownies the best!)/ sandwich/ milkshake.

    1. I like all of your answers and thanks for playing along Joanne.

  3. We are fortunate to have a few great ice cream places that make their own here. I love creamy chocolate and generally opt for the cup to not miss a drop. I used to love fudge but have moved to the fresh fruit one of the local ice cream makers offers.

  4. I like the old fashion taste of homemade vanilla ice cream with lots of whipped cream on top and maybe some fresh strawberries, too. I love, love, love nuts but not on my ice cream - As you can see, I like my ice cream plain and flavorful!

  5. I love ice cream with a waffle cone and sprinkles. Yum and ice scream goes so good with summer. Have a great day today Julie. xoxo Kris

  6. What a fun idea for a post!!
    I'll be sharing my answers on FB, but for you:
    Cone - sprinkles
    Cup - syrup
    Popsicle AND Sandwich
    Milk Shake

    Coming to you from the creatively craft link party

  7. Yummy!! Looks fabulous.. Definitely cone with nuts AND a caramel milkshake.. Can life get any better? ;)

    Thrusday Fav Things link party, #122 and 123

  8. I could just eat some right now, my answers are the same a yours Julie although I prefer cone to sandwich. Have a great weekend.xx

  9. Oooh this is a tricky one - as no ice cream can be bad ice cream really! I tend to go for fruity ones over chocolate ones, and I'd pick both sprinkles and syrup, haha! :)

    Hope you are having a good weekend :) Another rainy day here.

    Away From The Blue

  10. Oh, my answers are mostly the same except I choose fruit over nuts and I;m a devoted milkshake girl...and can I say that your nail polish and bracelet are outstanding!! SO pretty and screaming of summer. Happy 4th!! xo

  11. ooooh, ice-cream! My answers would be the same as Heather's above sans the pie and the sandwich.

  12. Fun post, Julie!! Happy Ice Cream Month! My choices: chocolatey, cone, syrup, toppings, fruits, with pie, popsicle, milkshake AND float! Enjoy your 4th! Zenda

  13. This post just made me want all the ice cream! I am definitely a chocolate, cup with milkshake on the side kind of gal. I can do without syrup, toppings and fruit. I hope you are having a good Saturday so far and happy 4th!

    Maureen |

  14. Happy National Ice Cream Month Julie! My favorite indulgence is Salted Caramel gelato 😋

  15. Hi Julie...what fun ! I love a cone...and since there is a dairy right down the road from us I find I eat WAY TOO MUCH ice cream !!!

    1. Hi Ann, how wonderful to have a dairy down the road and be able to eat that good ice cream. Thanks for the visit and enjoy the week.

  16. I love ice cream. My choices are chocolate/cone/syrup/toppings/nuts/with pie/sandwich/milkshake. Happy July Julie. Fun to play along.

  17. I just love ice cream. It doesn't matter how it's served up, I will eat it!
    Thanks for sharing at the FWF party.

  18. This is so fun! Typically I don't love ice cream but something about the summer makes me crave it so much!


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