Happy Earth Day 2021

April 22, 2021


Happy Earth Day everyone!  

I'm so happy it's spring and we are celebrating Earth Day.  I thought it would be a great idea to share some different ways to celebrate Earth Day.

Last year I planned out how I was going to use seeds for my container gardening.  If you missed that post you can read about it here.  I bought the seeds and trays that I wanted to use online from Amazon.

I bought this big bag of soil and some seed packets to use from Home Depot.  I enjoyed watching the process of the seeds growing indoors on my windowsill.

The hard part was to try and transplant the seedlings into pots to grow.  You can read about that blog post here.  I had a hard time trying to get the seedlings to grow strong without dying.  I also had squirrels digging up the seedlings.  If you've tried growing plants from seeds and had success with it, please let me know what you did.

I tried re-growing lettuce last year with success.  I transplanted the romaine lettuce into a large pot outside in my yard.  I was happy that the lettuce head grew big enough for us to eat salads a few times.

I had an old plant stand that was rusted out and I made it over last year to look pretty.  The stand just needed some paint that I had leftover from my bathroom redo a few years ago.  This was an easy and economical DIY project.  I am happy I was able to save the plant stand instead of throwing it in the trash.  

Other ways to help save our planet and celebrate Earth Day:

  • You can change out using a plastic straw for a metal straw.  You can also bring one to a restaurant to use.
  • Use a cloth tote bag when shopping.  There are so many available that are made with thin material that will fit into your handbag.
  • When gardening use biodegradeable peat pots.
  • Instead of buying plastic bottles of water, you can use a Swell bottle or a similar bottle for water.
  • I started using The Original Makeup Eraser to remove my mascara and makeup.  You add warm water to the cloth and it removes all of your makeup with ease.  I used to use makeup remover wipes to take off my makeup.  It's an eco-friendly way to remove makeup.  I bought my set at Costco.  It's also available on Amazon.
  • Buying clothes at a Thrift Store.  I know my daughter and her friends like to buy clothes in thrift stores and also at online thrift stores. 

How will you be celebrating Earth Day?

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  1. Great reminders or how we can all help the Earth! I do quite a few of these things!

  2. Happy Earth Day Julie. Great ideas. I shall be working in the garden. My hubby is working on the outdoor shower enclosure.

  3. Happy Earth Day! My family is using re-usable bags for shopping almost all the time.
    I tried regrowing carrot last year. Then we got a rabbit in the yard, and no idea what happened to the carrot!

  4. Happy Earth Day! These are great tips to help the earth!

  5. Happy Earth Day, I think everyday should be an Earth Day! great idea's Julie, I'm looking at ways to recycle my plant pots I have so many and rather than buy new large plant containers I'm going to paint those I have to give them a new lease of life. Have a great weekend.

  6. Happy Earth Day Julie and Happy Friday. Have a great weekend. xoxo

  7. Julie,
    I am going to attempt to grow some flowers from seed...I tried it last year in pots once it got warmer but the squirrels destroyed them...I am going to try to grow them inside first and transplant them!! Wish me luck!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  8. Happy Earth Day to you ! I love those make up eraser cloths...and you are right, no more plastic bottles of eye make up remover to throw away, since so little of plastic gets recycled. Lots of cloth bags that I take to the grocery, just have to remember to take them when I shop elsewhere. Happy Weekend!

  9. Happy Earth Day, Julie!! I love the lettuce trick. I can't believe it worked like that. I'm going to try!! Enjoy the weekend!

  10. Nice ways to acknowledge earth day! :) there's a free seed giveaway again here at the supermarkets when you buy groceries - you get seeds for every $30 you spend - and the kids love it! I am not so good with plants, and like you I find it hard to get them strong enough to plant outside. Luckily we seem to be doing better this year - last time around we had the bushfires and heatwaves that killed a lot off, but things seem to be hanging on longer this year!

    Hope that you had a good weekend! It's a nice relaxing long weekend for us.

  11. Happy Earth Day! I added some succulents and cacti to my window sills, and plan to plant some more air purifying plants (spider grass).

  12. I would love to try that lettuce idea, Julie! I work in my garden almost everyday with something or other.

  13. Hi Julie, nice tips for Earth Day. I like the idea of the metal straw - I'll have to look for those. I have good luck with seeds planted in peat pots. You don't have to disturb the roots that way. I use chicken wire cut into hoops or domes (with small openings in the mesh) to cover the seedlings. Hope that helps! x K