Family Trip to Asia - Part 5

August 18, 2019

Hello blog friends.  

We are now onto Family Trip to Asia - Part 5.

We stayed at the Intercontinental Da Nang Peninsula Resort, Vietnam. 

We decided to take a short walk to the area where our buffet breakfast was set up. 

We enjoyed the breathtaking views of the mountains, trees, and water on our walk.

We all enjoyed the large assortment of breakfast foods.  We sometimes went back to fill our plates with seconds of food.  

We still talk about how much we enjoyed their breakfast buffet and good food!

For our second day, we decided to leave the resort in the morning and take a bus ride to the city of Hoi An.  Hoi An is a beautiful city in Vietnam just south of Da Nang.

Once we arrived in Hoi An, we walked along and went inside many beautiful temples.

We also enjoyed walking up and down the many streets to sightsee and shop.

There were so many people riding on motor scooters.

It was so interesting to see so many open shops selling different items such as plastic bowls, fruit, vegetables, summer straw bags, and handbags.

I thought these sandals were so pretty with the flowers and tassels.  Look at the popular sports slides and Birkenstock sandals.

The weather was so hot at about 90 degrees or even hotter.  We decided to stop at a cute coffee shop for iced coffee.

I ordered an iced Vietnamese coffee that tasted so good.  We saw many restaurants and coffee shops while sightseeing.

We had our last seafood dinner at the resort.  We sat outside and we could see the pretty lights and the beach. 

Below are some photos I took of our delicious food.

I had such a nice day sightseeing in Hoi An and we had such an awesome seafood dinner.

The next day we would be leaving Da Nang for another area of Vietnam and I was so sorry to leave.  I enjoyed my two days at the resort and I thought it was one of the most beautiful places to visit. 

Stayed tuned for more of our family trip to Asia.

Family Trip to Asia - Part 5.

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  1. I am really enjoying reading about your trip. Who knew how beautiful of a country Vietnam is. I think so many think of the Vietnam War when it is mentioned. It is good to see how beautiful it is there too. Thanks for taking us along.

  2. Fascinating! Our family has never done international travel together (except to Canada).

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your trip pics! It does look like a beautiful place to visit! Breathtaking views is right!

  4. That sounds wonderful! I love those floral flip flops... and the views are just amazing.

  5. It is lovely. Once we visited the Lantau Island of Hong Kong. That was a grate tour.

  6. Julie, I was just telling someone about your trip. We were discussing architecture and I said I had never seen so many beautiful buildings as I have in your photos of Asia. And I've never been, but I have heard from others that Vietnam is lovely. Seems to be the consensus!

  7. I looks like such a fun trip! it's great you are getting to experience all of this, I've never been to Asia before!

    Hope that your week is off to a great start :)

    Away From Blue

  8. Julie,
    What a truly amazing trip you must have had!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  9. Each one of your posts makes me want to visit this part of the world more and more! Looks wonderful!

  10. Your visit to Hoi An was amazing. Lovely sightseeing from the resort as well! Those sandals are popular here too, youngsters wear them all the time. I'm looking forward to part 6 of your travelling adventures!

  11. wow...amazing glad you were able to do this. my social security dosen't allow for such so i am glad to see good photos of other places.

  12. What wonderful photos Julie! The first one is just amazing and so calming!
    I am always in awe with their temples - they are stunning!

  13. Oh Vietnam! Such a pretty country that I never got to visit but one day. I have to agree again and again that breakfast buffets in that part of the country is always better. The setting and layout makes you welcome and cozy up even if you're not eating! Yes to Vietnamese ice coffee! I'm catching up on posts and loving what you're sharing. Now making me "homesick" for SE Asia.
    Have a good day Julie! Hugs, Ping X