2019 Family Weekend

March 1, 2019

Hello blog friends.  Happy Friday and Happy first day of March!  I'm happy it's the start of March because that means in just a few weeks it will be the beginning of Spring.  🌷

Last weekend we went to Rhode Island to visit our daughter who is a freshman at Providence College.

Providence College had its Alumni and Family Weekend.

We usually stay at the Dean Hotel when we come to visit.

The Dean is a boutique hotel that's located in the heart of Providence's historic district.  They are a dog-friendly hotel with no additional fee, which we love so we can bring our dog with us.  This time Bosco didn't come on the trip since we were going to be so busy for the weekend.

We left early Saturday morning and arrived in time to go to the Dunkin Donuts Center for a
basketball game.

We met my daughter at the game and Providence College was playing against Marquette. Unfortunately, PC lost the game but we had a great time since it was our first time to a basketball game at the Dunkin Donuts Center.

We all went back to the hotel room to hang out for a while and take a rest.  My daughter needed to get her eyebrows threaded so we took a short walk to the salon.

My daughter was very happy to have her eyebrows all groomed and shaped nice.

At that point, we were really hungry so we stopped into Friskie Fries to get some fries.

Friskie Fries Menu

We decided that we would all share the fries.  We picked #8 Fowl Play.

The fries had Crispy Chicken, Mozzarella, Parmesan cheese, and Marinara sauce in a Chinese takeout container.  All three of us devoured the fries.  :)

Then we went to the hockey game at 5 pm and PC was playing against UMass Amherst.  This was such a fun game and we were happy because Providence College won the game 3-2!

After the hockey game, we went back to the hotel to hang out for a while.

My daughter and her friends hanging out in the lobby.  We all had a fun time taking photos of each other.

Next, we all had dinner at the restaurant Red Fin Crudo + Kitchen which is a very yummy tapas restaurant.  I didn't get any photos of dinner since we were all having such a great time.  It was so nice to see the girls laughing and so happy to be eating REAL food.

We met my daughter on Sunday morning on the campus at St. Dominic Chapel for the Alumni and Family Weekend Mass.

After mass, we all went to Rebelle Artisan Bagel for breakfast.  My daughter and husband shared their bagels which consisted of a spinach frittata and bacon on a bagel.

 A cream cheese and lox bagel shown below.  I had a fried egg on a bagel which was so yummy that I forgot to take a photo of it.  LOL.

It was such a whirlwind weekend and we had such a great time visiting with my daughter.  It was time to head back home to get Bosco.

Have you ever visited Providence, Rhode Island?  

Thanks for visiting and hope you all have a Happy Friday!

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  1. What a wonderful weekend you had, Julie. It may be just me but I think your girl looks quite a bit like our SweetCheeks (although our SC is a lot younger). There is a picture of her on my blog today...and SC has glasses just like your daughters although she doesn't have them on in today's picture. Hope you have a great weekend. xo Diana

  2. Oh my goodness, your daughter is so stinking precious, just like you! This looks like such a great weekend, I love a quaint little boutique hotel and I have never been to Rhode Island but I want to go so bad! xo

  3. That looks like a great family weekend at PC. Providence is such a cool city! We had an unofficial family weekend recently but I think an official one would be fun too! She is beautiful and looks so happy at school!

  4. It seems you had a wonderful weekend together and your daughter looks so charming in the pictures!

  5. What a wonderful family weekend indeed! The chapel looks beautiful and the food delicious —I never had a bagel and now I am craving one! You daughter must have been delighted to have you and your husband in town and show you around. She looks very happy in the pictures. :-)

    Have a great weekend! Hugs

  6. Those kind of weekends are such treasures...so so glad you went. Your girl is adorable....

  7. What a wonderful weekend with your daughter, Julie! Your daughter is so pretty, and I'm sure it was fun to hang out with her and her friends. I loved seeing the pictures of the foods that you enjoyed. I've never been to Rhode Island.

  8. Ok first Julie your daughter is adorable. What a fun weekend. These are such great memories to be making. Fun places to eat too.

  9. I have not visited, but I would love to...the streets look so charming!! Your daughter is lovely and so are her eyebrows. :) :) I bet Bosco was glad to have you home though!!! It's always fun to go and nice to come back too. :)


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