Friday Favorites

February 1, 2019

Hello blog friends and Happy Friday.  I'm loving that it's February and that we all survived January.  I'm sharing a few favorites that I'm loving this week.

1.  My Magazine Subscriptions

I love and get so excited when my magazines come in the mail each month.  Instead of using up airline miles I trade them in for magazine subscriptions.  This way I get to read magazines for free.  You've got to love that!

2.  Maui Moisture Shampoo

I decide to change things up a bit and try out this new shampoo.  I really like the way this shampoo smells and it reminds me of coconuts.  I have dry hair so I use this shampoo with hair conditioner and it makes my hair feel nice and soft.  Have any of you tried this shampoo?  

3.  It Cosmetics CC Cream

I have been wanting to try out this CC Cream for a long time.  I was inspired to try it out when I saw it posted on the blog from Heather who blogs at Our Life in a Click.  I made a visit to the Sephora store and tried out a sample of it on my face.  I really like this foundation and it has great coverage.  Thanks Heather for recommending this foundation, I love it!

4.  L.L. Bean Slippers

I have been wanting new slippers for quite a while.  I received these slippers from L.L. Bean for Christmas.  These slippers work so good and keep my feet really warm.  I don't even need to wear socks with them, as they keep my feet warm and toasty.  These slippers are called Women's Wicked Good Slippers, Venetian.

5.  Three Things

I just started following a new blog to me.  The blogger is Laura from The Horton Family.  She is starting a new series on her blog.  It's called Three Things.  She is giving us three prompts and we write the answers.  She will be doing this on the second Monday of every month starting February 11th.  To see the details you can visit HERE.  Since I help run the blog party, Cooking and Crafting with J & J on Monday's, I will be doing my post on Tuesday, February 12th.  There will not be a link up, but I hope this will help some of you be inspired to write a fun post.

6.  Super Bowl Weekend

My husband is a huge sports fan and we will be watching the Super Bowl Game together on Sunday.  We plan on eating chicken wings.  Yum!  I will have different sides to go with the chicken wings, such as mac and cheese, and some kind of salad.  It will be low key this year, but we will still have fun together!

I hope you've enjoyed reading some of my favorites this week.  Have a Happy Friday and weekend!

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  1. We keep it low key for Super Bowl aswell but I have no idea what I am making yet. Chicken wings sound good! I love Laura and I am so excited about her series! That shampoo looks like one I like to try! Have a wonderful and sweet weekend!

  2. Thanks for the shout out Julie. It is great foundation! I swear by it. I haven't seen that shampoo but I love anything that smells like coconut! I don't know if I'll watch the Super Bowl but some cauliflower wings sound good to me. You've inspired me! Those slippers looks so toasty! Have a great weekend!

  3. Yeah, I guess many of us feel a little bit dragged about and thrown around with January :) We survived!
    I didn't know you could trade air miles for mags subscriptions!!! We surely don't have that over here (sob,sob), but to think of it - I would love to use them to travel because as you know - we get severe travel bug bites :))
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. My daughter and her husband buy each other those slippers every year for Thanksgiving. They consider it a kick off to cold weather days. And they wear those slippers out over the year.

  5. Those slippers looks so cozy! My husband always has cold feet...he needs some! heehee! And we love football and can't wait for the big game. I'm making a homemade pizza! Hugs!

  6. I have those same magazines, Julie! I haven't had a chance to dig in yet...maybe while my hubby is watching the game, I'll flip through! Stay warm!!

  7. Magazines, make up and slippers! Sounds like a lovely time to me. My mother and I also use the it cc cream we are 30 years apart and both enjoy it. I seem to go thru it pretty fast so I learned a tip: I use one pump of my moisturizer and one pump of the foundation and mix it on my hand, it covers my face and still feels like great coverage. (I found that tip from a newscaster of our city who does youtube videos.) Have a nice cozy weekend.

  8. Sounds like a fun series Julie. Great products to try out. I love reading magazines, a very relaxing experience. Have a wonderful weekend. xo

  9. The shampoo sounds great, Julie, and I've wanted to try the it CC Cream, too. I did get some of the Neutrogena water gel that you love, and like it.


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