I'm so Glad I'm Back at it Again

January 30, 2019

Hello blog friends.  It's so cold this winter and I hope you all are staying warm.  In spite of the weather being so cold, there is something that I do add into my weekly routine and that is exercise.

I belong to a gym.  I have belonged to my gym for a long time on and off since my daughter was little.

I had a best friend and we would go together to the gym and be each others inspiration, support, and encourage each other.  My friend had a daughter that was the same age as my daughter and we would all go out after working out to lunch or maybe grab a quick bite for dinner.  We had so much fun until my friend moved away.

After my friend moved away going to the gym wasn't the same anymore.   I continued to go for my workouts for a little while and then I stopped completely going to the gym.  

I didn't like the way I felt or looked in clothes anymore.  I decided to start going back to the gym about two years ago.  The gym was fixed up and they added new machines and improved the weights.  I am so glad that I decided to get back at it again.

My gym is an all-woman gym and it's a fun place to go a few times a week for me.  I still have some of the same gym friends from so many years ago and it's really nice.  I even have my neighbor who joined the gym and it's so nice to see each other and catch up on what is new with each other.  :) 

I took off from going to the gym for the holidays but I started going back again.  I started off by just doing some of the machines for about two weeks and no classes.  I just started back again with the classes this week and they are so much fun.  We do Zumba, Kickboxing, All in One, and so many more fun classes.

My favorite classes are Zumba and Kickboxing.  I get a really good workout from doing those classes.  The classes are 45 minutes so it's not so bad.  I usually take a 15-minute walk to and from the gym.   Once I am there I usually work on some of the machines before a class starts.  You can usually find me at the gym each morning a few times a week.   If I have something going on then I usually take a late afternoon class. 

I also walk my dog Bosco once a day so I am always moving.

Do you belong to a gym?  What is your favorite class or exercise?

Let's motivate each other and keep ourselves moving!

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  1. We have a fitness center that I can WALK too! And I used to love to go until I went crazy going to the hiking trails! I always loved doing Zumba...that was my favorite. Don't you love the music and the moves? It sure makes you feel better. I'm so proud of you! You are a such a beautiful young woman! Hugs!

  2. Good for you! It feels good to get back to it. I've been doing yoga more regularly and try to walk when it's not too cold!

  3. No gym membership for me. I've thought about it before and I think it sounds really fun. Me and hubby like to go walking at the local track when the weather is nice. He jogs and I walk so not much company but getting out and being active feels good.
    xx Beca

  4. You're so good, Julie. I hate exercise and have never belonged to a gym. I like to walk when it's warm, but in the winter my exercise routine consists of walking behind the vacuum or up and down the stairs with laundry! ;)

  5. I belong to a gym, but mostly I walk on the beach and cycle.

    I've been leveled with surgery on my leg over a month ago and the healing is slow. Wound care says it might be a few more months. I'm finally able to do a bit of walking despite wearing a vacuum pack on my leg.

  6. I don't belong to a gym, Julie, but I have been really thinking about it. Right now I have some inflammation going on in my system so hope to get that arrested soon and then start exercising again. Good for you for being so faithful!!! xo Diana

  7. I don't belong to a gym (in fact, I have never visited one!) but I do walk a lot everyday: to the library, for grocery shopping or just for a nice stroll. I'm glad you decided to go back and exercise often. Enjoy your classes!

  8. Good for you, my friend. A while ago I took Zumba with a friend and I had a blast. Usually I just run or do things at home, though I do love to swim and my son and I visit the pool often.

    Enjoy the upcoming weekend! Hugs!