Friday Favorites

January 18, 2019

From the Holidays - Part 1

1)  A Night Visit to New York City

In mid-December we drove into the city to pick up my daughter who was taking the train home from college.  I was able to capture the Empire State Building and Macy's.

2)  Our Dog Bosco

My cute and loving dog Bosco let me put this silly reindeer headband on him.  He was so funny and kept it on his head for a while.  In this photo he reminds me of a cute little reindeer.

3)  Holiday Glass

My daughter bought us this really cute glass from her college.  I have it sitting on my kitchen windowsill, and when I look at this glass it always puts a smile on my face.

4)  Holiday Baking

It was so much to fun to see my daughter and friend in the kitchen baking this Starbucks copycat lemon pound cake.  They decided to bake this cake late one evening during the holidays.  They both found the recipe on a blog and then went to the store to buy all the ingredients for the cake.  I was so impressed and amazed at how great this cake tasted.  I hope they make it again next Christmas!

5)  Baked Goodies

We all enjoyed and had a lot of sweets during the holidays.  On Christmas day we had checkerboard cake, pastries, and assorted cookies that my sister-in-law made.

6)  Costco Mac and Cheese

We never had Costco's Mac and Cheese before and we decided to try it out for part of our Christmas dinner as one of the sides.  The funny thing is my sister-in-law brought with her mac and cheese for our Christmas dinner, not knowing that we had it too.  (Great minds think alike).  To solve the problem I used my sisters-in-law for Christmas Day and we had ours a few days after Christmas.  I would definitely have the Costco mac and cheese again for another special occasion.

These are just a few favorites from the holidays.

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  1. Fırındaki yemeği çok beğendim.

  2. Happy Friday pretty lady! I would have loved to of had some of that lemon pound cake, I love that stuff!

  3. Julie,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!! Going to NYC for Christmas is on my Bucket List once I get my knee done and can actually walk any distance!! Your fur baby is so cute!! And the baked goods look so yummy!! Joe often brings hoe mac and cheese from Wegman's and it is delicious!!

  4. I love the view of the city! WOW! Beautiful! And I've heard to mac and cheese is good....I make mine from scratch but not often. I don't know when to quit eating it! lol Enjoy your dog...and day! heehee!

  5. Such great favorites. That cake looks amazing! I bet it was delicious. How cute is that snowman glass? I love Bosco!! Mmmmm mac & cheese! I hope you're getting ready for the storm, I'm not sure what we're getting yet but it's snowing a little now.

  6. I have made that Starbucks copycat lemon bread and it is soooo good! Fun post!

  7. Oh do I want a piece of that lemon bread with my tea right now !! My resolution for this year is to NOT eat sweets for a good few months, lol..
    Great images too. Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. That lemon bread looks and sounds amazing! The dog looks so cute! I am sure it was wonderful to have your daughter home! xo Su

  9. Oh that view! Beautiful...and mac and cheese is my favorite. I don't belong to Costco, but my sister does!!


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