Dollar Tree Haul

September 26, 2018

Hi friends.  Happy Fall Everyone!!

One of my favorite things to do is to visit the Dollar Tree store.  I love visiting and shopping there during the different seasons.

When I have time I enjoy going on YouTube and watching the DT hauls that people like to share.  Usually when I watch those videos that always motivates me to go shopping there.  Another motivation for me to go shopping there is usually after visiting two blog friends who also like to share their hauls!  :)

I love all of the great bargains that I can find for a dollar.  I was recently shopping in the store and I found some really cute fall decorations and other items to share with you.

I decided to make up a goodie care package for my daughter who is away at college.  I found some candy, small bags of chips, a cute fall door decoration, and chip clips to send to her.

I love the Pine Glo cleaner and I use this to clean our toilets.  I also like the air freshener in Cherry Blossom scent that I use on my closet shelf.

They had a great selection of fall decorations that I liked.

I liked how cute this scarecrow fall decoration looked and it's going right into my flower box on my front stoop.  I can't wait to buy small mums to add to the flower box.

I already have on my mantel these cute pumpkins.  

I will mix in some scattered leaves and gourds.

You can get some really great buys and I love saving money.   I also bought some birthday cards that were only two for a dollar.  You can't beat that!!

By the way, I also spied while waiting to pay for my items, down one of the isles they already had CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!   I shopped in DT two weeks ago!

If you follow me on Instagram @brklynhousewife you will see a photo I have posted of a Christmas tree display I saw at Costco.  Get ready everyone for early Christmas sightings!

Have you been to Dollar Tree or any dollar stores lately?

Thanks for stopping by!  I do hope that I have inspired you to check out Dollar Tree.  :)

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  1. Julie, I watch those hauls on YouTube too! It's amazing what you can find there. Our Dollar Tree isn't easy to get to so I don't go that often but I do like it. My favorite thing to buy there is gift cards - 2/$1.00!! You can't beat that.

    I have a friend who puts together the cutest gifts ever. Usually, most of the stuff is from Dollar Tree. Just takes a little imagination and presentation. :)

  2. You know I love me a good DT haul and seeing what other people find!! You got some great stuff!

  3. What a fabulous haul, my friend! Sadly, we don't have a Dollar Tree around here...I have to travel 2 hours in order to find one {{smiles}}

    Happy Fall, sweet Julie! Hugs!

  4. I love shopping the Dollar Tree! Or Mighty Dollar! Same kind of stores. I get candy there about every week to put in my candy jar. I always spend at least 5 to 10 dollars on stuff!!! I love the kitchen towels. I always get my yearly calendars and seasonal decor there too.

  5. I pop into DT every now and then but it’s super popular in my area so they’re kind of picked over. I need to go more regularly I guess. I hope your daughter is enjoying school. I bet you miss her tons!!

  6. I do like the bargains you can get there.....a package of those blue and white dishcloths are only a $1 and really nice. I need to get there to get some pumpkins to makeover. I just saw a cute idea from Tuula at Thrity Rebel Vintage Blog using lace and ribbon. I have had lots of Christmas décor sightings already. I am NOT ready for that yet!

  7. Hi Julie, I love the Dollar Tree. So many wonderful things for all seasons. What a lovely care package you created. Happy weekend. I wanted to suggest using a larger font for your comments. I always have a difficult time finding where to comment. If you need some assistance, I am happy to help.

  8. I am commenting to show you the comment is going through. If I have access, I can check out your Settings.


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