Various NYX Cosmetics

July 25, 2017

Hello friends.  It's it's been a while since I did a makeup post!

I love NYX Cosmetics and there is a store in my area that I love visiting once at least once a month.  When I visit the store, I usually buy maybe one or two items at a time.

I now have a small collection of NYX Cosmetics that I'd love to share with you.

Various NYX Cosmetics

NYX Lingerie

 NYX Lingerie - Photo Above

I love this matte lip gloss so much and it goes on smooth and dries to a matte finish.  This lip gloss will last on my lips for hours (which I LOVE!).  The lip colors range in the nude family.  The price of them is normally about $7.  To see the link for these matte lip glosses, you can click HERE.

The 1st lip color - Bedtime Flirt - This is a very light tan nude color.
The 2nd lip color - Exotic - This looks like a dark peach color.

NYX HD Eye Shadow Base

NYX HD Eye Shadow Base - Photo Above

This is a nice base that glides on your eye lids smooth and then dries within a few minutes.  When you apply this base to your eye lids you only need a small amount of it, like a dot.  I like this eye shadow base but it's not my favorite.  The reason why is because I tend to have very oily eyelids and this works just ok on me.  This eye shadow base costs $7.  You can read more about this product HERE.

NYX Lip Liner

NYX Matte Lip Liner - Photo Above - This is the 1st lip liner at the top of the photo.

I used to use an Avon lip liner that I loved for years but have since changed to this lip liner.  This matte lip liner works well when applied to my lips, and it comes in many colors.  I really love that these lipliners only cost $4.  I use this lip liner before I apply any type of lipstick or lipgloss.  I always use a natural colored lip liner to go with any color lipstick or lipgloss.  Click HERE to read more about this matte lip liner.

NYX Lip Liner - Photo Above - This is the 2nd lip liner at the bottom of the photo.

I like this lip liner but it goes on very light and is almost a nude color.  It goes well with my matte NYX lip glosses.  It works well to keep my lip glosses in place without having the gloss bleed outside of my lips.

The 1st matte lip liner is the color - Soft Spoken 
The 2nd lip liner is the color - Peekaboo Neutral

Have you used any NYX Cosmetics before?  I'd love to know.

I highly recommend visiting a store that sells these cosmetics.  I know you won't be disappointed! 😀

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of the week and weekend.

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  1. My girls are big fans of NYX. I am a big fan of the price. I think that they have just about everything you have reviewed and they love them, too!

  2. I'm not familiar with that brand as I do not wear a lot of makeup. the prices seem reasonable though. My two daughters are the ones that love buying makeup and I know how pricey makeup can be.
    xx Beca

  3. I got to the NYX store in Union Square and it was amazing! My daughter turned me on to the Lingerie line. I really like it!

  4. I never used NYX cosmetics.. I'll try it..

  5. Always love and appreciate your makeup reviews Julie :). I have a couple of these items and find them to be a great value.


  6. Well, you know I had to come over when I saw you had a makeup review!! I haven't tried NYX. My favorite drugstore brand is Rimmel, but I'll have to try these, especially the matte lip gloss. Sometimes lip glosses are too shiny for me, so this sounds good. xo Deborah

  7. Oh boy, I have never heard of NYX!! I have used the same brands for years so I don't usually shop for other brands. I do like your posts though to see what is out there and get an honest review.

  8. I haven't heard of it before but if the lip color lasts for hours, I'm sure willing to try. My lasts about 20 minutes tops!

  9. I haven't tried NYX but I like the idea of a matte lip gloss. Where in the city do you buy it?


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