Macy's Flower Show - Part 2

April 27, 2016

I recently visited the Macy's Flower Show in New York City and if you missed Part 1 you can read about it HERE.  I have broken up the flower show into three parts due to so many photos that I had taken of it.

Today I'm sharing with you Part 2 of our tour of the Macy's Flower Show!

Below is what my friend and I saw as we entered the main entrance of Macy's.  Look at that huge display and all of the colorful flowers.

If you look up at the top near the ceiling, we could see many floral displays.

Look at all of those pretty white lily flowers peeking through that Macy's sign.

You can see below the pretty floral hats on the manikins!  I just love the one on the left with the pretty dress, hat, and flowers in the handbag.

Look below at the pretty pink and orange flowers.  I just love the colors of them. :)

I'm not sure what these orange flowers are called, but I think they are just so pretty.

Some more lilies and pink tulips.

More yellow daffodils and pink colored plants.

My friend and I had such a fun time looking at the many colorful plant and floral displays.  It was such a delight to see and so much inspiration for gardening.  

I hope you all enjoyed Part 2 of my tour of the Flower Show.  

Stay tuned for next week as I will show you Part 3, and the last part of the Flower Show.

Have a wonderful end of the week and weekend.  Jess and I will see you all back here on 
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Thanks everyone and enjoy!



  1. Oh Julie, I would be in heaven seeing all those stunning flowers and arrangements. I went on a garden tour Sunday and wanted to dig up my yard and kick it to the curb LOL.
    Looking forward to seeing part 3.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Beautiful Julie! It definitely looks like a fun day!

  3. My goodness. I would be overwhelmed by so many beautiful flowers. It almost reminds me of the Flower & Garden Festival at Epcot. I have never wanted to go to N.Y. city until now! I'd love to go to this event.

  4. If these flowers do not lift your spirits you are beyond help!! I remember one of the malls in Louisville had a flower show in March and we loved to go and see all the bright colors. Our flowers did not really bloom until May there, right about Derby time.

  5. Wow Julie! What a delight this must have been. So many gorgeous flowers and colors! Those orange ones are so bright! I hope you're having a great week.

    Hugs, Vicky

  6. The fragrance from so many beautiful flowers must have been amazing! Thank you for taking us along with you!

    1. Julie, just letting you know I'll be featuring this post at Best of the Weekend tonight! Love these pretty flowers!

  7. How wonderful to get to go to this and see so many beautiful flowers and arrangements! WOW! I couldn't choose a favorite! Hugs, Diane

  8. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing your trip to the show!

  9. wow, just beautiful!! How lucky to spend a day amongst the flowers!

  10. What a lovely way to spend a day in NY!


  11. Wow Julie, everything is so beautiful! What a joy for you to see such beauty in person :) Thanks for sharing with us. Hugs!

  12. I just love all of the bright colors! There are some definite perks to big city living!

  13. What a joy it must be to view all these stunningly beautiful flowers in one place. I'm sure you had a wonderful time there:)

  14. Wow!! Just lovely! Thanks for joining the DIY link party!

  15. I adore these orange flowers! They are so unique and such a perfect shade too.
    Thank you for sharing all of this glorious bright and beautiful color with us at TOHOT!

  16. Dear Julie,

    That show must have been amazing! Flowers have such a healing energy to them; what a nice thing for Macy's to do.

    Thank you for sharing with us!



  17. So gorgeous. I so want to attend this one day. I love the gardens at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville a grand tourist attraction here in NC. This reminds me a bit of sections of their gardens. Thanks you for bringing fresh flowers to my party this week!

  18. Gorgeous Flowers!!! So Beautiful!

  19. That must have been such a delight. Love flowers every one..........
    All these are gorgeous.
    Blessings, Nellie

  20. Great pictures here of a lovely event. I would hope that they did that in Chicago---but I'm not sure they do. Would be worth a trip on the train, lol. Thanks for the tour. Sandi

  21. Amazing show! I would spend my day there snapping all the flowers on display..

  22. Oh so so pretty! The flowers are such a delight to see. Thanks for showing more and looking forward to seeing part 3. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Ping

  23. Julie, thank you for sharing this gorgeous tour with us @Vintage Charm! Blessings, Cecilia

  24. Thank you for sharing your tour with us at Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.

    Reinvented Collection

  25. Oh Julia I have been waiting for part 2 and it was lovely! I am a bit late to the TOHOT party this week due to my college semester finals but I'm so glad that I didn't miss this. Have a wonderful week.

  26. Stunning Julie! So glad you got to attend. Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  27. Thanks for taking me to the flower show - gorgeous photos.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  28. I imagine the Macy's Flower Show was incredible. Thanks for sharing your experience with us at the Over the Moon Link Party.

  29. BEAUTIFUL flowers! So colorful that just looking at them cheers me up :)

  30. Gorgeous photos and gorgeous flower arrangements! I would love to see this display for myself sometime. Thanks for linking up with Merry Monday last week!


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