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WIP Rose Crocheted Scarf

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hello friends!  I have started a new crocheted scarf to donate for our annual Fall/Christmas sale.  I found a really nice pattern that I like on Pinterest.  To see the pattern you can click HERE.

I decided to change the pattern a little and not make the scarf as wide as the pattern.  This scarf can be made in multiples of three and instead of chaining 26, I made a chain of 21.  I also changed it by not making all 3DC in the scarf but making a combination of 2DC 3DC 2DC.  The yarn that I picked out to use did not have any label on it.  I think the yarn is probably Red Heart and the crochet hook is US size H. 

This is a fun scarf to make and something different than I have usually made in the past.  I enjoy changing patterns around a little bit.  Do change patterns around to your liking? 

Note:  2DC stands for two double crochet 
           3DC stands for three double crochet

The pattern that I am using is made in US terminology.

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Thanks everyone and Enjoy!



  1. Saw this on your Instagram...so pretty! Love the color...:)

  2. Very pretty. I love the colors.

  3. Lovely rose color Julie! Muted but not at all dull. Enjoy!

  4. Oh Julie, the colour you picked out is simply gorgeous and the design is so lovely, too!
    How special to crochet something for charity...I truly admire the dear ladies who spend time making something to help someone in need and hope that one day I can do the same...thank you for your inspirational example!
    Have a blessed day!
    Lots of love,

  5. How beautiful! You are such a sweetheart! xo Karen

  6. The pattern is perfect for a scarf and I love the gorgeous color you chose for it!

  7. I like that you're using something you found on Pinterest. I tend to pin and not use, which is silly. This is a pretty pattern.

  8. Thank you for sharing the pattern. Pretty color.

  9. Hi Julie, this is so pretty and a nice pattern. Love the color.
    Have fun!!

  10. One day, I will learn to crochet! The scarf looks lovely so far - gorgeous colour.

  11. One day, I will learn to crochet! The scarf looks lovely so far - gorgeous colour.

  12. Beautiful color for the scarf!

  13. I love this color and pattern Julie! I'm going to show my Mom this and see if she can make it for me. She's the crocheting expert and already making me a shirt. But you know, I need a scarf to go with it too, hehehe. Cheers and have a wonderful day! Ping xoxo

  14. Hi Julie, I love changing patterns and creating my own. I like the way you changed up this one. Some lucky person will get your beautiful scarf.

  15. Beautiful warm flattering colour.


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