Good News and Blog Changes

May 28, 2015

Hello friends.  Here at Julie's Lifestyle I have a few changes that are going to happen and I'd love to share them with you!

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1)  Jess who blogs at Plucky's Second Thought had been looking for a co-host for her Monday Link-Up party (party can be found here if you are not familiar with it) for a while.  Well I am so happy and excited to announce that I will be joining her as her new co-host!  I hope that you will stop by on Monday and link-up and share your favorite recipes and crafts with us.  Also if you have a minute please stop by and visit Jess's lovely blog where she shares about tips, recipes, book reviews and more.

2)  Twice a month on Monday's I usually do a Makeup Monday post sharing anything to do with beauty.  I have decided to give that a rest and in the future just do a beauty post if I find something interesting and fun to share.

3)  I have noticed lately that some of my comments left on my blog are not going directly to my email but straight onto my blog.  I am sorry if I do not respond to your comments right away but do know that I appreciate and thank you all for your lovely comments.  I will be checking regularly the comments section.  This must be some glitch with Blogger!

4)  I want to say a big welcome to some new followers and I hope you enjoy your time here!

5)  This week I have been featured on some blogs for sharing some of my recipes and crochet projects.  Thanks blog friends for featuring me I am so honored!

Here are the blogs:

Eye Love Knots - For featuring my Crochet Hand Warmers
The Enchanting Rose - For featuring my Summer Egg Salad Recipe
Katherine Corner - For featuring my Summer Ranch Dressing Salad
Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson - For featuring my Summer Ranch Dressing Salad
Domesblissity - For featuring my Summer Ranch Dressing Salad

If you enjoy visiting different blogs and like joining link-up parties then please visit these wonderful blogs.

6)  I have been very busy spending my days lately trying to get my house ready for summer with organizing, cleaning, and trying to get rid of or donate things we do not need anymore.  Please forgive me if I have not visited you lately.  When things start to settle down I will be able to visit you.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will all visit on Monday for the new link-up party.  I hope you all have a wonderful end of the week and weekend.

Click HERE to see the great parties I will be linking up to!

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Thanks everyone and Enjoy!



  1. I know another blogger having the same comment problem; I hope yours gets better. I look forward to your new link party. Take care :-)

  2. Sounds like fun, Julie!! I look forward to linking up at your party and congrats on all of your features! :)

  3. I'm looking forward to your link party Julie, I wish I was as committed to summer cleaning as you are I'm so easily distracted. Have a great weekend. :) xx

  4. You're so good being organized and getting ready for summer!

  5. Nice list, and congratulations on your features. All my comments show up on my blog, but if they have e-mail it also goes to them. xoxo

  6. Hi Julie, it's been a while since I've made the rounds too! Organizing your home before summer arrives is great. I spend so much time outdoors in the summer months that my house gets a bit neglected. I'll have to keep an eye out for your new party. Enjoy your day!

  7. I have been having trouble with my comments lately, too. I have to make sure and check my blog as well.
    Congratulations on the features, and hope your link party goes well!
    Kudos to you for spring cleaning. I love to organize but clean, not so much. But it sure feels good when it's done!! xo Deborah

  8. Congrats on making some great changes,Julie. I think it is fun to change things up once in a while. I am sure it will be a good thing for you- xo Diana

  9. Hi there, Julie..
    Congratulations on your features! And that's happy news about being the co-host for the link-up party.. Your changes all sound wonderful. I look forward to more visits. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Tamara <3

  10. Hi Julie, changes are always good and we all need it from time to time. Congrats on yours and for being a co host too. Also congrats on your wonderful features.
    My glitch problems have been going on for 2 years. My comments are coming back as non deliverable to most all the blogs I visit. I also have some not coming to my inbox either and I have to look on the dashboard to publish. I did a post about this back in Feb. with some pointers. I know I am visiting many who never know I was there.

    Have fun organizing and getting ready for summer.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, CM

  11. Fun fun fun! Changes are fun and will be visiting the blogs you mentioned. Take care Julie and have a great weekend! Pingxoxo

  12. Congrats on all the features Julie, and I will be sure to check out the link party. Just wondering...will you be sending out a reminder each week? I always do better with those ;).

    I'm on Wordpress, and I've had comment notification issues too, so I guess it's not just a Blogger problem. It usually fixes itself though, which is good because I'm not very techy. lol

    Have a good weekend Julie, and don't work too hard! Looks like it might be a nice one. As for me, I have to go to Apple today because my keyboard isn't working in my Mac. Without it I won't be able to put out my usual Saturday post, (I'm using my iPad now).

    It's always somethin' rosanadanadana...

  13. Julie, you sound very organized! Looking forward to reading more of your blog this weekend.

  14. It seems like fun to me! I am sure you'll be a great host Julie!

  15. Ooh I am looking forward to your Monday link-up! I will try and get over there :)

  16. I hope that you enjoy the changes and the new link up! xx

  17. Congratulations on co-hosting! That's fun news! Your summer ranch dressing salad sounds delicious!

  18. Hey Julie, sounds like you've been busy. Congratulations on cohosting the link up party. Sounds like so much fun. If I ever get around to making anything crafty I will stop by to share. Life's been busy and I havent had much time for anything. I started typing a blog post yesterday but didn't finish it. Now that school is out hopefully that will allow more time for blogging and crocheting. You're a sweety!
    xx Beca

  19. Hi Julie! Thanks for linking last week and your "Summer Ranch Dressing Salad" looks yummy. Congrats to your blog and the new changes! I didn't run a weekend linky this week, but I have posted photos of our wonderful art workshop weekend. Would love for you to check it out at

  20. Congratulations on your new party. Sounds exciting! Hooray for the features. :) You are very busy!! xo

  21. Good morning dear Julie and a happy June to you! Here in South Africa we are experiencing a lot of beautiful rain and chilly days...we have put a fire on today in the hopes of warming our home up a little!
    I would love to visit you for a link-up...I am so glad you are now a co-host:). And how wonderful you were featured at so many different blogs! Your work is fabulous!
    Hugs to you and much love...always lovely to stop by and read what you have to share!
    Enjoy your summertime!


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