Fall Walks & Thanksgiving Wishes!

November 24, 2014

I thought I would share with you some photos of Bosco and our early morning fall walks since winter will be here soon.  Once the winter comes we walk fast and are not able to take our time walking since it's so cold out.

This is Bosco dressed up in his pumpkin outfit for Halloween this year.  Bosco helped me greet the little trick or treaters.  The kids and Moms all thought he looked adorable.

I love how it looks like Bosco is kissing the bench even though he is trying to sniff it!

So many leaves have fallen off the trees now.

Bosco loves walking in the leaves and I love how still and quiet it is in the early morning.

These trees below remind me of a jungle!

We have been lucky here so far and have not had any snow yet.  We are expected a few inches of snow on Wednesday so we will see what happens.

This is Bosco with his crocheted toy wrapped around his neck.  His crazy mom did that to him last night!  You can see my shoes and the foot with the sock in the photo is me!  I made my husband take the photo!  Bosco looks so serious but I had a good laugh!


If any of you are on Instagram you can see this photo of Bosco here.  You can come visit and join me here and see some of my behind the scene photos!   

I just wanted to update you all on the Christmas Crochet Sale we had at our church.  It was a huge success and a lot of my homemade items went home with happy people.  I had a good time and left late in the afternoon and rested my tired feet last night.  I think I can take it easy now from knitting and crocheting for the sale for next year.  I want to concentrate on finishing up some projects for myself.  In case you missed that post you can see it here.  The the multi colored scarf in the first photo I finished and I will be giving this for a Christmas present this year.  

Thanks to all of you that left me such sweet and kind comments about my knit/crochet projects that I worked on throughout the year for the sale, I really appreciate it.

(photo from the graphics fairy)

(photo from the graphics fairy)

I want to thank you all for your friendship and for your kind and sweet comments throughout the year!  I appreciate your visits from each and everyone of you old and new!   

Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thanks everyone and Enjoy!



  1. bosco is killing me with his wardrobe. he's so stylish! hahaha love your walks. you pass so many pretty sights.

  2. Aww, Bosco is soooo sweet! I love the scarf :-) I'm off to get Coco a new jacket tomorrow for the winter and want to get something really off the wall, but hubby will kill me if he has to walk her in something that isn't plain and boring !! I was thinking about you over the last couple of days after seeing the snow that has hit your part of the world, but it seems to have missed you. Take care xx

  3. Bosco must love walking through your pretty park. Now that the leaves are off the trees, it does look a bit chilly there. What a good sport Bosco is to wear the pumpkin outfit and sit pretty for a photo (even though he doesn't look particularly impressed!). Our little bit of snow melted away in the rain, and we're getting high winds again. I'll take that over the snow at this time of year! Enjoy your week Julie, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Wendy x

  4. That Bosco is so adorable! I love the place where you walk...so serene. I'm happy to hear the sale was a big success. You are such a good person Julie! Hope you and your family have a blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving.

    Hugs, Vicky

  5. Bosco looks so cute. What a pretty place to walk with Bosco. I'm sure he loves taking his walks there.
    So glad that your church sale was a success and that all of your beautiful items sold.
    Happy Thanksgiving Julie.

  6. Such a cute little guy, your Bosco. He must love his morning walks with you. Glad to hear that the church sale went so well.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving Julie!

  7. Awwwwwww, Bosco is so sweet! If only he could talk, I wonder what he would say about wearing that scarf?!

    I'm so glad you had a successful sale Julie. You deserve it after all the hard work you put into it, and your designs are lovely.

    Have a wonderful holiday, and don't forget to give Bosco some extra turkey for putting up with your shenanigans ;)


  8. Your Bosco is precious, Julie. I especially liked him with the serious look wearing the scarf.lol
    Happy to hear that your sale was a success. My late mother in law used to do craft shows with her crafts and she was always exhausted after they were over, but enjoyed every bit of them.
    The place you and Bosco walk is lovely and looks to be a quiet area.
    Have a blessedThanksgiving!
    Joy! Debbie

  9. Lovely photos, and Bosco is adorable!

  10. Oh I loved coming along on your walk with Bosco. It's certainly looking very autumnal. I'm not sure if Bosco likes his crocheted toy, such a serious face :)
    It was lovely that the Christmas Fair was once again a success. I'm wishing you and your family a lovely Thanksgiving. The Welcome Thanksgiving picture is so sweet. Have a lovely day.
    Ali xx

  11. I am so glad that the sale went so well, that is great isn't it. I think that Bosco looks incredibly cute in all his outfits and he poses for photos very well doesn't he! xx

  12. Bosco is too cute, Julie :-) Enjoy your walks, stay warm, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Bosco is adorable! VERY stylish. Glad the sale at your church went well.

  14. I'm glad the sale was a big success...I just knew it would be! Everyone loves something handmade! Happy Thanksgiving my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane

  15. Bosco looks very cute in all his crochet creations he looks as if he is saying oh no what next haha. I'm so glad the crochet sale was successful it makes it all worthwhile doesn't it, I remember making things for a Halloween craft faire and so did many others there were some beautiful things on sale and hardly anything got sold, people were wanting things for nothing it put me off doing that sort of thing again, Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. :) xx

  16. I would love to be able to start my day with a walk, but alas! I chose the wrong profession :)
    Great nature photos you made - I love taking shots when in nature - it eases my mind and soul of all the hectic-ness of modern life.
    So lovely to hear that the sale was a huge success! I am happy for you!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. Bosco does look very cute. I am not a bit surprised that the items you made sold with ease!! You do good work. :)

  18. Hi Julie, and Happy Thanksgiving! Bosco is adorable and your area of the country looks very pretty. Ours in snowy! Pretty too!

  19. It's great to have a walking buddy...and such and cute and fashionable one to boot! Happy Thanksgiving, Julie. I hope it was a fabulous day, enjoy the long weekend! :)

  20. Bosco is adorable! Congrats on a successful sale :)

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