Pillow Vote & The "Drinking Game"

September 23, 2014

Hi friends, the vote is in and most of you all love decorative pillows you your bed!  This is a photo of my Mom's guest bedroom at her house.  In case you missed this post you can see it HERE.  

I love extra decorative pillows on the bed and how pretty it makes the bed look.  What I do not like is setting up the bed and pillows in the morning and taking them off at night and that is why I only have 4 needed pillows on my bed.

This weeks #Mommy Reality Challenge - Week #18 What is your favorite beverage or drink?

I'm joining today Jen from JENerally Informed and Celeste from Leapfrog and Lipgloss for Mommy Reality Challenge #18.  I will be linking this up to Jen's and Celeste's fun link party.  Each week they pick a fun theme or topic and you share your photos there.

My favorite drink in the afternoon is Starbuck's coffee made in my french press.  I have a new schedule and I'm awake each morning at 5:30am (OUCH!) so by the afternoon I need a quick pick me up!  This is my favorite and does the trick.


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  1. I recently removed two cushions from the array on the bed - don't worry, there are still four pillows and six cushions!! - but this means that I now have another two cushions on the couch to keep track of! xx

  2. I love extra cushions and pillows on a bed... just makes it look dressy.. I am enjoying hot tea with organic sugars these chilly mornings... Have a great day.. Blessings!

  3. Ugh...we're up at 5:30am now too! Ouch is right!! I am a hot chocolate girl. I just need it to get cold enough so that it's an appropriate drink! Hot coffee and tea are perfectly acceptable in 85 degree weather, but if you tell someone you are drinking hot chocolate in July they giggle! ;) I'll be thinking of you when that alarm goes off tomorrow morning!

  4. Oh ouch... 5:30 would definitely call for a Starbucks in the afternoon for sure. I love your pretty cup!

  5. Ugh, 5:30 in the morning wake up calls are brutal! You're right by mid afternoon I am dragging hard too! Pick me ups are almost necessary to just finish out the day and not crumple on the floor in a heap!

    p.s. I really do love your Mom's guest bed set, but my husband would agree picking the pillows up each morning are such a drag :)

  6. With a 5.30am wake up I'm guessing that your afternoon is around 10am! I love the mug, it's so pretty.

  7. Oh my, 5:30 is early. That would require plenty of coffee!! Lots of Starbucks love on #mommyreality this week :-)

  8. Oh my! You are an early riser :)
    In my country, coffee is a traditional drink and I as a coffee lover have it 2-3 times a day.

  9. Ice water is my fave. I love it! Coffee is a close second!

  10. Yes, removing and adding them to the bed gets to me. But they're so pretty! Mmmm Coffee!


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