Adopting Our New Puppy

May 21, 2024


Hello friends.  I can't believe I'm so behind in my blogging and I'm sorry.  It's because we adopted a new puppy!  

After Bosco, who passed away on November 26, 2022, my daughter wanted a new pet.  

We thought about adopting a cat but decided on a new dog.  After months of looking at dogs online, we almost adopted a cute Corgi named Noodles but it was too late and they were already adopted.  My daughter saw Lucy on and fell in love with her.  She applied online at Social Tees Animal Rescue to adopt Lucy and we were approved.

We rescued and adopted Lucy (previously named Brandy) on April 6, 2024.  She's a chi/terrier mix.  She's originally from St. Thomas and has five siblings.  Lucy was with two amazing foster families before she came to us.  Lucy is 6 months old and we love her so much.  She is playful, friendly, and adjusting to us and her routine after having her for a little over 6 weeks.  

She is almost potty trained and she knows some commands such as sit, paw, stay, and come.  We are not sure how big Lucy will be when she is fully grown.  When we adopted her she weighed 18 pounds and she weights now about 20 pounds.  We think she will get to between 30 pounds and 40 pounds.  I like the size of her now and because she has chihuahua in her maybe she won't be that big.  Lucy will be spayed in June.    

The day we adopted Lucy - 4/6/24.

My daughter ordered this dog bed on Amazon.  Lucy loves her bed.

My daughter bought Lucy this jean jacket from Petco.

Lucy loves being outside and lying in the sun.

Lucy is learning how to take walks in the neighborhood. 

The foster family sent some baby photos of Lucy to my daughter.  Lucy looked so adorable as a baby!

Please stay tuned for more adventures with Lucy.  Lucy has her own Instagram account at @mydoglucy23

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  1. So very cute. So glad you adopted Lucy. She is wonderful addition to your family, fur babies are the best.

    1. Thanks so much Linda. It's a lot of work but we are enjoying Lucy.

  2. She is so darn cute. She has a great family and is a very lucky little dog. She reminds me of Bosco a little bit in her face. Have a great day. Hugs. Kris

  3. Welcome Lucy! She is so cute and looks really sweet. How nice to get some baby photos of her!! I love all of her accessories. It will be fun to spoil her with lots of love.

  4. Sweet, those paws make her look like she will be bigger, but maybe not so tall...sweet girl!

  5. Congratulations! She is adorable.

  6. Lucy is cute as can be! I guess our new puppies are the same age and look like they could be cousins. My Mollie is a little bigger, probably 30 pounds now. I think she will end up being about 45-50 pounds. I have heard so much about the adoption groups up north getting dogs from the south and other areas. So interesting! We have SO many pet shelters and they are all packed. It was hard to choose when we looked! I can't wait to follow along with Lucy's adventures!

  7. What a darling! And she is adorable in that jean jacket—a cat (at least not mine) would never have tolerated that!

  8. Oh my goodness, Julie, she is adorable!! I love that jean jacket. How sweet...she's so fashionable. 🥰 I am so far behind on all things blogging, too, but I'm glad I made the time to read tonight, because this post makes me smile!! Enjoy her!!

  9. Julie, Lucy is so precious! Sounds like she made herself at home in her new forever home.
    Visiting today from Talking About It Tuesday 21 #40,41&41

  10. Aw - Julie, she is adorable! What a lucky little dog she is to have a forever home with you and your family. I love her sweet face. Hugs x K

  11. Congratulations on adopting Lucy! I know you all are so happy in having her as part of your family. I look forward to seeing more adventures with her.

  12. How exciting - welcome to your forever home, Lucy! She is one lucky pup...and a cutie, too!

  13. Lucy is adorable and I love the picture of her sleeping with her little snout tucked in her harness!


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