Friday Favorites - Welcome Fall

September 23, 2022


Happy Friday and Fall!


I haven't done a Friday Favorites in a while and I thought with fall here, now is the perfect time to do one.

I love decorating my mantel for fall.  I've crocheted a lot of pumpkins and added faux leaves to my mantel.  You can see above the mantel is a painting of a fall scene in the woods that I painted many years ago.  

I love taking long walks in the fall to see the leaves changing colors on the trees.

We all had a great time visiting my daughter last year at her college house.  They decorated the porch and made a pumpkin patch.  I love this photo of our dog Bosco.

I love the cooler temperature and wearing sweaters in the fall.  I crocheted this sweater last year and it's perfect to wear for fall and winter.

I love making soup in the fall and winter months.  You might enjoy these four recipes to make for fall.

I enjoy baking bread and muffins during the fall and winter.  Last year I made low carb pumpkin muffins that are delicious tasting.  I'm looking forward to making these again.

A few years ago I made slow cooker lasagna that was easy to make.  I used uncooked lasagna noodles and in a few hours, we had a delicious meal ready to eat for dinner.  I look forward to making this slow cooker dish again.  

Fall is the perfect time of year to curl up and read a good book.

I love decorating my planter on my front stoop with cute decorations for fall and Halloween.

Decorating my stoop with pumpkins and mums is a favorite of mine.  I am hoping to visit a farm stand for everything I need to decorate for fall. 

I love using the crockpot during the fall and winter months.  I shared last winter this crockpot beef short ribs recipe.  I was so happy to learn that Joanne from Slices of Life made the short ribs for her family.  She said her boys gobbled up the ribs and that the rib recipe is quick and easy to make, and tender tasting.  Thank you Joanne for making this crock pot recipe. 

Have a happy Friday and a happy fall!  🍂

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  1. I love fall too. I just bought 2 pumpkins at Costco and have done a little decorating. I didn't get mums yet because they never last for me if I get them too early. Bosco looked so cute on the pumpkin porch. I've been craving some pumpkin treats. I love your crockpot lasagna. I need to make that again soon! I hope you're having a good week!

  2. We have crock pot lasagna on our menu this week! I was a bit bummed though as I could not find my usual whole grain lasagna noodles but oh well, it will still be delicious.

  3. I love all your Friday favorites especially little handsome man Bosco. He is just the cutest little guy. Glad to hear he is doing so much better. The soup and the crockpot lasagna sound yummy. Have a Good Friday and weekend. xoxo Kris

  4. Your painting is amazing, and I love all the crocheted pumpkins. I'm clicking over to check out the short ribs recipe...sounds delicious!

  5. Love your Friday Fall Favorites, Julie. I keep looking for the ribs at Costco; one day, maybe. Happy weekend and happy crocheting. Your sweater and pumpkins are so pretty.

  6. Such a cozy post, Julie. Stopped in for a visit to your blog while waiting for my coffee with pumpkin spice creamer to brew before I head back out to the screen porch with my book. Love my crock pot, too - was supposed to get windy and cooler one day this week so I put everything in it for split pea soup before we left for errands at 9 AM. Put the crock pot on low, out the door....but did NOT plug it in !!! Luckily got home not long after and plugged it in and put it on high....good soup and bread for an autumn supper!

    1. This is the perfect weather Ann for soups and using the crock pot. Split pea soup sounds so good. I hope you have a nice week Ann.

  7. Julie, I love your fall post, the weather today is perfect for it. Brrrr. I love that picture of Bosco. I didn't realize you took him along on your trips. How cute!! Your daughter must've loved that!! Thanks for the slow cooker lasagna reminder. I have that recipe pinned and I'm going to make it this week! I hope you're having a great weekend! Stay warm...although it's way too early to be saying that! xo

  8. As much as I love summer, it really helps that it's followed by fall! I love everything about it and all of your favorites make me look forward to to it even more. I'm going to check out all of your soup recipes, and that lasagna looks amazing!


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