TBB Asks Holiday Edition

December 7, 2018

Hello blog friends.  I thought it would be fun to participate and answer these twelve questions with a holiday theme at The Blended Blog Link Up for December.

You can join in the fun and answer the questions if you like in the comments section!

1.  Candy Canes?  Yes or No?  Yes.  I love decorating the house or tree with candy canes.  I also like to give them out on top of Christmas presents.  One year my daughter and I were crafting together when she was small, and we made Christmas decorations and added candy canes.

Christmas decorations with candy canes.

2.  Christmas morning early riser or sleep in?  We all get up early but not as early as we used to when my college girl was small.

3.  Did you shop Black Friday?  Yes or No?  I did not attempt to shop in the stores.  I did a little bit of shopping online.  

4.  Christmas Tree up in November?  Yes or No?  No.  We have put up a real Christmas Tree for the past few years and we usually put it up in the middle of December.  I really love the way a real Christmas tree makes the whole house smell so good.

Real Christmas Tree 2017

5.  Do you get holiday ideas from Pinterest?  Yes or No?  Yes.  I get so many ideas for decorating the house, baking, and crafting from Pinterest.

6.  Christmas Glam or Ugly Sweater?  I like to dress semi glam.  I do not do an ugly sweater.  I used to do the ugly sweater when they were in style.  I did save one of them though.

7.  Stocking Stuffers:  Wrapped? or Unwrapped?  I always wrap up the stocking stuffers with leftover wrapping paper.

Handmade stockings knitted by my Mom!

8.  Traditional or Modern Christmas Songs?  I love a mixture of both songs, but my favorite is the traditional songs.

9.  Fruitcake?  Yes or No?  No.  We do not do fruitcake here and no one likes it.

10.  Is your Christmas shopping finished?  Yes or No?  No.  I am still shopping for last minute presents and my presents are half wrapped.

11.  Is there snow in December where you live?  Yes, it gets cold here and we already had our first snow in November.

12.  Classic Show?  Charlie Brown Christmas or Rudolph?  It's definitely Rudolph.  I love watching it so much and I watched it on TV last week.  It's a tradition for me and it always gets me in the holiday spirit.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

I had a fun time answering these questions with the holiday theme.  I hope you all play a long too.

Hope you all have a happy Friday and enjoy the weekend.  

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  1. This really is fun! Wish I could say my style was semi glam...I need to work on that! heehee! Holiday hugs!

  2. Hi Julie! Oh, I love the new look of your blog! I loved reading about your Christmas answers! Thank you so much for popping in to see me and I wish you a lovely Christmas time.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. I so enjoyed this fun post, my friend. Thanks for sharing your delightful answers. Happy weekend! Hugs

  4. LOL Julie I have a few of those ugly Christmas sweaters I have saved too. Loved reading your answers.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. I love reading these answers and playing along in my head. We have some of the same responses....especially Rudolph!! Hugs!

  6. Yay! I love reading your answers!! Your tree was so pretty last year. Those candy cane ornaments are so cute!

  7. LOVED reading your answers and so glad it worked for you to join the link up!! We have so many similar Christmas preferences! have a blessed day sweet Julie!


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