Update From Crochet Sale 2018

November 29, 2018

Hello blog friends.

I hope you're all enjoying this week and staying warm.  It's is so cold and windy here and I've been staying inside.  I am still battling a terrible sinus infection, so I've been doing some Christmas decorating around the house this week.  (WARNING THIS BLOG POST IS LONG)!

Some of you have asked me about what happened at the recent crochet sale we had at my church.  I'm sorry, I didn't give you all an update from our sale we had last Sunday, November 18, 2018.

I mentioned to you that last year (2017) we did OK, and not as well as in years past.  Well, this year was even worse than last year and we made less than half of what money we had made.  There is a large raffle item that seems to help out with this sale.

It was disappointing news to our group of how we made out, and we think that people may not want homemade items like this anymore.

All of the items that did not sell at the sale have been given out to some homeless people, who need hats and scarves to stay warm, and to a local hospital.

The Sister that runs our group was really upset.  She would usually take our group out to lunch twice a year and she said that there will just be a holiday luncheon right before Christmas.

The group has now decided to only meet up once a month and just do all of the work from home.  I have been in this group for 15 years and the group was about 20 women when I first joined.  Now we only have about four of us (including me) that will meet up once a month at the church.

We shall see what happens with this group, but it doesn't look too good to me.

If you look below, some of you might remember seeing these scarves that I knitted for myself.  :)

The one on the left is cream/gold and I knitted it with two strands of yarn.  I used cream colored yarn and gold yarn together and knitted it in the seed stitch.  To see the blog post, and the details to knit your own gold scarf, just click here.

The plum cowl is also knitted in the seed stitch as well.  I had a fun time when I bought this yarn with my niece, during last summer.  To see the blog post, and the details to knit your own short cowl, just click here.

Both scarves are knitted using the seed stitch.

Below I made two neck warmers a few years ago for myself.  I crocheted the cream colored neck warmer in a thick chunky yarn.  The black neck warmer, I used two strands of yarn and crocheted them using black yarn and a strand of black sequined yarn.  I usually wear these in the winter when it's very cold outside.  I don't have any of the details available anymore for making these neck warmers, as it was so long ago.  I can't remember where I found the patterns to make them.

Both neck warmers made with Lion Brand yarn.

Some of you may have remembered that I had met Mary from the blog My Dogs My Garden and Mary, back in the summer of 2015.  To read that blog post, just click here.  It was such a pleasure to meet such a sweet lady and we had a wonderful lunch together when I was on my trip with my family to California.  We had lunch at the Cheese Cake Factory right on the water of Marina Del Rey.  We would enjoy corresponding to each other by email each week.   I was emailed a few months ago by another blogger, who informed me that Mary had passed away.  (Thanks to the blogger who emailed that to me).  This blogger did not know any of the specifics or details and neither do I.  May Mary rest in peace.  She is really missed by me and I'm sure by so many others.

Thanks to all of you for stopping by.  I hope have a great day, and enjoy the upcoming weekend.

Julie xo


  1. I also feel the same. May be people are not liking handmade items. I'm trying to sell holiday ornaments, but yet to get any response. However, all of you are such sweet people, that you have given out those unsold items to the homeless. XOXO

  2. Oh Julie I am so sorry about the sale. I love homemade items and have a hard time trying to figure out why this is happening for your group. I am glad you gave items to the homeless. I am sorry Julie you did not know about Mary's passing. I did a blog post on it when it happened and so did Diana from Nana Diana. Mary was waiting on a heart procedure to get approved and during this time Mary become very ill and passed away before they could to the procedure. Mary's son made all of Mary's arrangements and sold her home. Mary was so sweet and is missed by so many of us. She was planning a trip with a layover in Chicago and I was going to meet up with her in person and I am sad to say this trip did not happen. I regret that. May Mary rest in peace.

  3. So sorry to hear the sale did not go well. I think it is wonderful though that some homeless people got some warm things to wear for the winter!

  4. It sounds like a bummer about the sale. It's nice you still get together and that you all enjoy it so much!


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