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September 20, 2017

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Hello friends.  One weekend over the summer I went to visit with my mother, who loves to knit.  I came unfortunately without any knit or crochet projects with me.

Well, my mother happened to have this basket full of yarn that she wasn't using.  This beautiful yarn was calling out to me.

I helped myself to some orange colored yarn and decided to make a knitted ear phone case for my earphones.

I did not use a pattern for this project.  I just cast on around 18 stitches on the knitting needle.  The wooden knitting needles I think were a size 8.

I just knitted, using the garter stitch, into a small rectangle.  Once the rectangle was wide enough to fold over, I then casted off and ended the knitting.

I then weaved in the ends and sewed up the two sides.  I then weaved in at the top of the pouch, a thread to pull the case closed and tied up the ends together. 

You can use whatever yarn and color that you like for this project.  The yarn that I used for this had a little bit of cotton in it, so that made it nice to work with.  The yarn I used was also thin and not too thick.  (Sorry, but I did not take a picture or write down the name of the yarn I used.)

This was a small and easy project to make, and I had it finished in such a short period of time.  I really enjoyed spending time with my mom knitting the ear phone case, while my mom knitted socks.

I love my new knitted case and it helps to keep my ear phones organized.  I hope I've inspired you to knit an ear phone case too, as this makes a great gift for the upcoming holidays.

Are you knitting any projects too?

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Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the rest of the week and weekend.

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  1. This is adorable and I love the color. Perfect for fall!

  2. I think that will come in handy. I also hate it when I don't take a project with me.
    xx Beca

  3. This is so cute and practical! Love the color too!

  4. Love the color. Your so crafty.

    No, i haven't been feeling great. Some days good some not so good. I think my COPD and the heat has just pooped me out. Thanks for asking.

    Have a great weekend.


  5. What a darling idea! It turned out great, and I like the fact that you can use a drawstring to keep it closed. It's fun to take something without a pattern and make it into something useful, love this :)

  6. I love these. I made a phone case for mine...they are handy to have!

  7. Very cute idea! I love the color. I picked up a knitted book mark today at a rummage sale and thought of you!

  8. Perfect color for fall Julie. Very cute. Hey when you get a minute email me I have a few questions about New York to run by you. Thanks and have a great weekend. We are officially moved in today and I have been unpacking all day. Oh how I hate moving!!!!

  9. What a nifty idea! I love the color you chose as pretty and perfect for fall!


  10. Love the idea. The color is perfect for fall!

  11. I love simple knitting patterns and the color you used is so pretty Julie.

  12. What a cute little project, perfect for a day when you've not brought your own ongoing thing with you.


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