A Winter Walk in New York City

April 5, 2017

Hello blog friends.  I am so happy to be back from my blog break!  I totally enjoyed my time away and missed you all!

I recently had a meeting to go to on the upper east side of Manhattan, in New York City.  When my meeting was over, I decided to take a stroll right near Central Park.  The day was brisk and cold, but taking in the sights and taking these photos made the walk worthwhile!

Please sit back and enjoy the walk with me!  😀

These trees looked so barren and cold, but you can see the beautiful clouds in the sky just peeking through.

As I was walking, I loved seeing this lady sitting on the bench with her dog, just laying right on the ground besides her.  You can see right after that hug tree the buildings in the background.

What I found very strange was that this walk was so refreshing and very quiet.  I kept looking behind me to see if there was anyone walking and there weren't any people.  There were no huge crowds of people and no loud honks from the cars and taxi cabs.  It's so hard to believe that the city can be very quiet at times.

One the left of me is the Church of the Heavenly Rest, and it's located at 2 East 90th Street.  It's an Episcopal church.  It's also located right across the street from Central Park and the Carnegie Mansion; also know as the Cooper Hewitt Museum.

The Cooper Hewitt Museum is a design museum, located on the upper east side of Manhattan, at 2 East 91st Street.  The link for this museum can be found HERE.

If you look at the tree branches in this photo, you can see that the trees are starting to bud with little leaves.

Below this granite and bronze monument is know well to runners and walkers who enter it's terrace stairway to the Reservoir at Fifth Avenue and 90th Street.

This view of the Reservoir I found to be so beautiful, with those white clouds that reminded me of cotton candy.

I just loved this photo of the water, the tree branches sweeping across the sky, and the manhattan skyline.

I loved this photo so much that I made a watercolor scene using the Waterlouge app!  Using this app makes your photos look like watercolor and sketched photos.

I just love this huge old tree with the museums in the background.  Soon spring will be here and this tree will be blooming full of leaves.  Is anyone excited about spring as much as me?

This is the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum which is located at 1071 5th Avenue.  Fifth Avenue is also known as Museum Mile.  The link to this museum can be found HERE.

This is the end of my short walk!  Thanks for coming along and I hope you all enjoyed this short walk with me.  If you have not been or visited the upper east side of Manhattan in New York City, then I suggest you come and have a visit.  There are so many museums to visit, restaurants, and of course shopping.  The spring and summer are a wonderful time of year to take a stroll and sightsee.

When was the last time you took a leisurely stroll?

Thanks everyone for stopping by and have a wonderful end of the week and weekend.  Jess and I will see you all back here on Monday for our Cooking and Crafting with J & J Link Up!

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Thanks everyone and enjoy!



  1. What a great walk! I went to school in downtown Manhattan back in the "old days"....lol It IS funny when the city goes "quiet", isn't it? Kind of weird really and unexpected. I am glad you had a good time away but it is nice to see you back. xo Diana

  2. Oh, I so enjoyed my walk with you, dear Julie! Thank you for taking us along :) Seeing your photos makes me want to visit New York.

    Hugs to you!

  3. What wonderful photos! You were lucky you had a quiet day. You captured some great images! Thanks for sharing!

  4. So nice to see you in my feed this morning, Julie. Thank you for taking us along on your walk! NYC is a fabulous place, that is my favorite part of town and it's always fun to visit, even if just in pictures! :)

  5. I truly enjoyed walking with you! I have been to NYC once several years ago and will be visiting a few places in June as a Safety Patrol sponsor. We will start in Washington DC and then have about a day and a half in NYC. Not nearly enough but our kids will be amazed! Hope you have a lovely rest of the week.

    Hugs, Vicky

  6. I enjoyed walking around the city with you. It's been years since I've visited myself and it brought back memories.

  7. Nice views! I enjoyed the walk with you :-)
    It's like seeing the city in a different way.
    Have a very nice day, Sigrid

  8. It was lovely to come along on your walk with you!

  9. I have been to NYC/Manhattan many times but never visited any museums. I can't even imagine the city quiet!!

  10. Welcome back Julie! You've been missed!

    Quiet in manhattan? Hard to believe lol.

    That watercolor app is wonderful! Makes everything look amazing!


  11. Hi Julie, Welcome back and thank you for taking us along on your walk. You sure captured some wonderful photos. Have a great weekend ahead. xo

  12. It must be so fun to live there. You have amazing views. I'm sure it never gets old.
    xx Beca

  13. Hi Julie, thanks for the great walk and seeing all the beautiful sites of New York. Such beautiful buildings and the park.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    Have a great weekend.


  14. A great stroll, Julie! It's weird how the city can seem hushed sometimes, isn't it? Enjoyed your photos!

  15. What a beautiful walk, Julie! The bare trees against the sky and the gorgeous buildings were delightful to see. Love your watercolor, too! xx Karen

  16. Welcome back Julie! What a wonderful walk you got in. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I have to say I love the row of bare looking trees though. Glad to have you back.

  17. Beautiful pics!! Thanks so much for stopping b!!

  18. Great tour again. I like the watercolor you made with a photo app.
    Here is another NYC springtime link.



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