Vicky's Ornament Exchange

December 7, 2013

VICKY at Life on Willie Mae Lane

I recently joined my friend Vicky and her blog Life on Willie Mae Lane for an ornament exchange that she hosted.  This is my first time involved in an ornament exchange for Christmas.  It was so much fun gathering and making the items for the person that I was assigned to by Vicky.

Here is a picture of the items inside the box when I opened it up.  My gifts arrived in the mail from Anne at Stuff & Nonsense.  It included a rustic wreath ornament, two bags filled with gold snowflake ornaments and two gift card holders.

Here is the pretty red box that the wreath ornament came in and the wreath ornament.

The wreath ornament, the snowflake ornaments, and the gift card holders are so pretty and I love them.

The ornaments are perfect and will look lovely on my Christmas tree this year.

Here is a closeup of the snowflake, gift card holders and the wreath.

I love these ornaments so much, thanks Anne!

This is the beautiful gold snowflake ornament decorated on my Christmas tree and I just love how it shines!

Here is the pretty rustic wreath ornament on my tree and I think it is just perfect.

To see the rest of the ornament exchange please visit Vicky at Life on Willie Mae Lane.  Thank you Vicky for hosting and organizing this fun ornament exchange.  Thanks to my new friend Anne at Stuff & Nonsense for all the wonderful ornaments.  My Christmas tree looks beautiful decorated with the ornaments you gave me.  Thanks also to Tuula at The Thrifty Rebel who I sent my package to, we are now following each other and are friends.

Thanks everyone and enjoy.



  1. How wonderful that Anne gave to you - you are both such darling ladies! I love the wreath that she sent you and I think it's looks beautiful on your tree. And look at those pretty, glittery snowflakes! I am sure the Christmas lights make them extra pretty :)

    Blessings to you, my dear Julie!

  2. That little wreath is so unique...I just love it! And the gold glittery snowflakes are gorgeous...:) I am so happy that you joined in the fun! I am a little sad that the fun has come to an end, but I am planning a fun giveaway for my one year blog anniversary as well as a couple of fun ideas for after Christmas! Have a blessed Sunday my friend....Vicky

  3. That's a fun idea. Year after year when you're putting up your Christmas tree you'll stop and reflect and think about the sweet person that sent them to you. They look great on your tree.

  4. I'm so glad you are enjoying your ornament and snowflakes! It was such fun shopping for the exchange. I love how pretty your tree is :) Hope you have a blessed week!

  5. Oh! Those are fabulous! It's been so much fun to visit each person and see what they received. Your tree looks lovely!

  6. Love those sparkly snowflakes and that wreath ornament. I so enjoyed the exchange, meeting new bloggers, and seeing what everyone received.

  7. Beautiful ornaments...especially love that snowflake!

  8. Those are nice ornaments and I love the snowflake because I love the glitter. :)

  9. What lovely gifts you received Julie! I love the wreath! This exchange has been such a great experience. The best part is finding new friends. Thanks again for my fabulous goodies.

  10. Hi Julie,
    Thanks for linking up to the Creating Christmas party I love this idea of the ornament exchange and the ones you received are so pretty. What a fun idea.

  11. The ornament exchange was so much fun wasn't it! I love all the things you received from Anne...she did a beautiful job packaging them up just right and it certainly appears they were picked out with care, just for you. Hope the rest of your Christmas Season is as special as this exchange was.

  12. How fun...I love all the things you got from Anne.
    Merry Christmas season.....

  13. What a fun litthe package you recieved! So beautiful. I was able to gift Anne with a tea cup from my daughter at theenchantingrose's tea cup exchange. She is a dear.
    I too was able to participate in the exchange though I do not have a blog. I have met some lovely ladies through my daughters blog, what a blessing. I must come back and visit you again.

    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. Debbie