This or That - Travel

June 13, 2022

Hello friends, now that summer is fast approaching and people will be taking vacations, I thought it'd be fun to do a This or That - Travel.

The photo above was from our vacation last summer to California.


1.  City or Nature - I pick city as I like traveling and sightseeing in different cities.   

2.  Hotel or Motel - I like staying in a hotel as I feel like hotels are nicer to stay in than a motel.

3.  Airplane or Train - I like taking an airplane when I'm traveling as I want to get where I'm going as fast as I can.

4.  Suitcase or Backpack - On most of my trips I use a suitcase and a backpack.   If it's a shorter trip then I will use a weekend bag.

5.  Plan It or Wing It - When we travel we always plan our vacations.

6.  Tourist Spot or Hidden Gems - We like doing a little bit of both when we travel.

 You can play along and leave your answers in the comment section.

What will you pick?

Do you have any vacation plans coming up this summer?

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  1. I like city and nature vacations, equally. Hotel, airplane, suitcase, plan it, and both tourist spots and hidden gems!

  2. Oh this is fun! Summer is not when we like to travel though...we'll probably wait until Fall! NATURE...I know you are shocked! hahaha! Hotel or condo, TRAIN, Suitcase AND backpack, and we plan and plan and plan, love seeing all kinds of things and have to map out the nature trails! I love this!

  3. Hello Julie! Oh this is fun, let's see, I live nature vacations, hotels or very charming motels, trains, suitcases, plans and hidden gems. I definitely am not a tourist spot kind of traveler! I hope you get to go somewhere fun this summer!!

  4. Hi Julie. I like nature vacations too. I like staying in rented little cottages, I like to fly and get to my destination quickly too. I am not a big sight seeing person but do love to discover and have adventures. This was fun. Have a great new week. xoxo Kris

  5. Hi Julie!
    1. Nature 2. Hotel 3. Airplane 4. Suitcase 5. Hidden gems
    I wish I was going somewhere! Hope you have a great week!

  6. Hi Julie - 1. City 2. Hotel ( but love a good B&B) 3. Airplane ( but love a good road trip)4. Suitcase 5. Hidden gems...and famous sites. Just returned from a trip to Kentucky to visit friends...a road trip. Long drive. Heading to NYC in July....and a Viking cruise in September. So happy to be back to traveling. Thanks for the fun - have a great week!

    1. Thanks for playing along Ann and I enjoyed reading your answers. It looks like you'll be doing a lot of travel this summer. How exciting to be able to travel again.

  7. I think that I could not choose between any of those answers except for planning or winging it. We definitely plan. I would also have to add an RV and Airbnb as places to stay. This summer we will be going on a 2 month cross country RV trip with a few hotel stops mixed in!

    1. Thanks for playing along and how exciting to be taking a 2 month RV trip. I hope you'll have a great vacation.

  8. Hmm.. nature (I like being near the ocean or up in the mountains best), definitely in a nice hotel, probably by plane, with a suitcase (or 2!), with all the big things planned out and some time to wing it here and there.

  9. It seems ages since I had a vacation. I like city and nature so possibly a holiday that would include a bit of both, hotel I like my creature comforts, plane, I too like to get there as quickly as possible, suitcase, it has to be planned and for the final one I like a bit of both.🙂

  10. Interesting post Julie. I like both nature and city. Hotels are my preferred. Airplane by all means. Suitcase to take things I want. Sometimes we plan and other times, we wing it. Hidden gems are always a nice surprise. Happy Wednesday.


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