Reasons to Love Spring

March 29, 2021

Hello blog friends.
I thought it would be a fun idea to list all the reasons why I love spring.

1.  Longer Days - I like that the sun stays out longer each day.  I get excited to have more time to spend gardening and going for long walks.

2.  Everyone Seems To Be Happy - Sunny and warm days seem to put everyone in a good mood.

3.  Flowers - The spring flowers are blooming and the grass is starting to grow green.

4.  It's Warmer Outside - I like that the weather is warmer outside and we don't have to wear heavy coats and scarves anymore.

5.  More Sunny Days - It's nice to be outside and have the sun shining more each day.

6.  Birds Chirping - It's wonderful to hear the birds chirping early in the morning.

7.  Gardening - I enjoy gardening like in these blog posts HERE and HERE.  I am looking forward to planting flowers, herbs, and vegetables next month.

8.  Spring Cleaning and Organizing - Every spring I like to wash and clean our windows.  It makes me happy to see clean windows.  I also like to clean out our coat closet and get out my spring clothes and organize my clothes closet.  I like to donate my gently used clothing to different organizations that are in need of clothes.  This is the time of year we usually like to clean out our garage. 

9.  Spring Fashion - I like wearing spring shoes and sandals.  This is the time of year I like to order some new spring clothing.

10.  Cold Drinks - I love drinking cold drinks this time of year like homemade iced tea, iced green tea, and iced coffee.

What do you love about Spring?  Wishing you a Happy Spring!

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  1. I love the longer days...more sunshine! And the chance to clean and organize my clothes. I need to get some new tops soon! You have a good list! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Happy Spring Julie, sunshine, warm temps, and longer days make Spring such a special time of hope and new beginnings!

  3. I completely agree! I love spring for all these same reasons.

  4. Those are all wonderful reasons, Julie! I know I’m a little different, but I wish the time didn’t change. Happy Easter week to you.

  5. Happy Spring Julie, I like all the same things, Spring is definitely my favourite season 😊

  6. Spring definitely puts me in a happy mood. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday!

  7. I love that the colder days are coming to an end, and my grill is about to be fired up!!! Happy Spring Julie-enjoy:@)

  8. Great reasons, Julie...and yes, everyone seems happier!! Enjoy the week!

  9. I like all your great reasons. Love when the sun is out and temps are milder. Makes me feel so much better and more motivated to do things. Happy New Week. Happy Easter. xoxo

    1. Yes Kris, I love that the sun shines bright and the temps are warmer. I hope you have a nice week and a happy Easter.

  10. We are on the same track here! I love it for everything you've added/ I might add taking long walks in nature :)

  11. I love everything about Spring- from the sun-warmed earth to the first buds pushing through the soil. What I really like is that it segues into warm summer days where Wisconsin looks lush and green. xo Diana

  12. Hi Julie - What a great list! I feel the same - love being outdoors for walks and dinners on the patio. Looking forward to a great Spring - Happy Easter Blessings to you !

  13. I love spring and you have given us all great examples. Blooming flowers, warm temps are so wonderful. Happy Easter Julie.

  14. Happy Spring! We are moving towards hotter months now.