Costco Find - Avocado Oil

August 30, 2017

I have a blog friend Heather, who blogs at Our Life in a Click , who does blog posts from time to time on different Costco finds that she loves and she shares about them.

I thought that would be fun and that I would do a blog post and share what I have found and love there too!

One a recent trip to Costco I found this avocado oil which I love.  I use it for cooking and I put it in my salads with vinegar.

Avocado oil is supposed to be really healthy for you, and if you would like to read more about this product you can here.


When I visited Heather's blog Our Life In a Click recently, she had shared here about Mateo's Gourmet Salsa.

I am constantly shopping in Costco and I was so happy when Heather suggested to try out this salsa.  

We love salsa and chips to snack on in our house.  I went out and bought this for our family, and we all really love it.  It tastes so good and has a little bit of a kick but to it and yet it's not too spicy.

Thanks Heather for suggesting this salsa, as you can see by the photo above, we really like it.

I hope to also share in the future some Costco finds that I love too.

Have you tried any of these products from Costco?

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the rest of the week and weekend.  
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  1. This is a great idea to share product information from Costco! I shop there too and often wonder how something is without having to buy it. Thanks for sharing your favorite Costco items. The avocado oil sounds interesting - but I'm not so sure if I can use up that size bottle though. I have olive oils that have been around for ages just sitting in my pantry that I need to throw out. But my son loves sauces with a kick and I will definitely try the gourmet salsa!

  2. Haven't tried the salsa, but the avocado oil has been a staple for us for over a year. Also recommend their organic chicken broth in boxes. I use it for all cooking that requires broth.

  3. I've heard of the avocado oil but I haven't seen it in my area. I would love to try it if it ever comes available. Chips and salsa are the best snacks.
    xx Beca

  4. We, too, love chips and salsa so I would enjoy trying this salsa....thanks for letting us know, my friend :)

    Hugs to you!

  5. I haven't tried these products, but I will be researching to see if I can have them. I have to be careful about eating anything with Vitamin K in it as I am on blood thinners and cannot have anything with it.

    Enjoy your weekend Julie and whoof's to Bosco. We are in for extreme heat here - in the 100's.


  6. I haven't tried any of them.. next time I'll buy on my Costco trip..

  7. Thanks for sharing Julie, and have a great weekend.


  8. We do buy the avocado oil at Costco...along with lots of other things. We also buy Chosen Foods avocado oil mayo. One of the best things I have found recently is Lara Cashew & Almond Butter spread. Move over, Nutella! This stuff is far superior without the bad stuff. We also buy Molinaro's organic pizza kits. We separate the crusts in the package and freeze them. They thaw quickly and can be customized to whatever is available or what the mood dictates. I don't know the source of their peaches but they have been so sweet and juicy this summer.

  9. Hi Julie,
    You do find some of the best stuff at Costco. I am going to look for this avocado oil. Happy Thursday.

  10. Thank you for the shout out!! I'm so glad you and your family like the salsa! It's so good, we all love it too! I haven't tried the avocado oil. It's always good to hear that someone likes a product before you buy it!

  11. I've never seen avocado oil! How neat. We don't have a Costco but I'll look for some in our stores. I bought a BIG Florida avocado today at the farmer's mkt! Hugs!

  12. I think I have only been to a Costco once. I'd love to have one closer though so we could go more!

  13. Avocado oil, huh? Might have to give that one a try! I don't belong to Costco, but I bet I could find it at another shop. Thanks!!

  14. I've seen the avocado oil at Costco, and haven't tried it yet. I think they also have it at Trader Joe's. I have a feeling it will end up in my shopping cart next time I go! One thing I love at Costco is their meat. It is so much better (and cheaper!) then what the supermarkets carry. We once did a taste test of filet mignon from Costco and from a gourmet butcher, and we all liked Costco's better!


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