Crochet Group Meeting

March 12, 2013

At my crochet group today we had show and tell as soon as everyone arrived. One of the members showed us a lot of scarves that she is working on and she has seven projects that she is working on at the same time. There were four more members each working on knitted scarves.

I am working still on a crocheted baby sweater that needs the sleeves crocheted on and the rest needs to be sewn up and the buttons put on. I finished crocheting 2 Infinity scarves and the other project is a rectangle granny scarf.

Granny Rectangles

The rectangles will then all be assembled so that when they are all done it will look like a scarf.  I just want to say a special thank you to Ali Campbell from @Crochet Ali on Twitter for the idea.  I got the idea from one of her classes she was teaching and also from Fave Crafts because last week they had a pattern shown to make a rectangle pillow made by Henriette Pieket.  Well I think that these rectangles are really cute and they can be made into so many different things such as pillows, scarves and even a blanket.  Thank you Ali for inspiring me to make something different.

crocheted baby sweater - need sleeves put on

2 Infinity Scarves 

Knitting Swatch

The nice part about going to crochet group today was one of the members taught myself and another member how to make this type of knitting stitch.  I will be using this to make other scarves in the future.



  1. Thank you Julie, I live your new work of art & I am glad I have inspired you! I can't wait to see the finished scarf. Ali xx (+ Crochet Cuddles from the UK)

  2. That knitting stich looks intriguing. Looking forward to seeing the finished scarf too. Take care. Chel x